A new style draw & guess game, pushing what you want to draw, cloning what you need, and have fun :)
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Draw & Guess

A new style draw & guess game using pomelo framework and html5. The game currently runs on nodejs v0.8, and should run fine on the latest stable as well.It requires the following npm libraries:

  • pomelo
  • express
  • crc

Both of them can be installed via 'sh npm-install.sh' (it will install a local copy of all the dependencies in the node_modules directory)


The game can be started at least two players in the room, and if this condition is satisfied the game can be started by anyone in the room. After starting, one player will be selected in random to push what he/she want to draw, and others can guess the answer. The drawer also can clone some shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle to help player to draw pictures.If someone gets the answer, both he and the drawer get one point.


Game main page picture is as follow:


  • Visit demo game github to get the source code and install it on your local machine.


  • The server setting (server number, host and port, etc.) can be configured in 'game-server/config/servers.json' and 'game-server/config/master.json' files.
  • Other settings (log4js etc.) also can be configured in 'game-server/config' folder.


Enter pomelo-draw/game-server, and run 'pomelo start' or 'node app.js' in order to start the game server. Enter pomelo-draw/web-server, and run 'node app.js' in order to start the web server, and access '3001' port (which can be changed in 'app_express.js') to load game.