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pyGBot.ini "channel" option fixes #37

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Current "channel" option spec/behaviour in pyGBot.ini:

  • pyGBot.ini comments state not to quote the value (i.e. not to use field = "value").
  • channel parameter requires a space-separated list of channels without leading # character.
  • The # character is considered to begin an inline comment when used on a value line (by ConfigObj). It is interpreted as a literal character iff the value is quoted (i.e. ̀field = "value with a # character in it"` will interpret the literal # character as part of the value).
  • It is not possible to join a channel with a double-hash prefix, e.g. ##electronics, which is common on some networks like freenode.

Proposed changes:

  • Remove the line in the default ini comments stating not to use value quotes.
  • channel parameter shall require a space-separated list of channels with the leading # character (regular channel name), and MUST be placed in quotes for it to work. Edit the instructions to that effect.

ConfigObj reference:

Submitting this as a todo when I find time for pyGBot, more or less. Feel free to pick this up if you want, though; the changes are fairly mundane.

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I might pick this up myself soon, as a warmup to get me back into development.

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Maybe we should just switch to YAML or JSON for config :P

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YAML might work, but isn't JSON not as readable?

Either way, a rework like that should probably be filed under "someday maybe". This fix will be easy, at least.

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JSON is fairly readable if formatted nicely (... does the spec allow extra whitespace?), just requires a hell of a lot of extraneous quotation marks. (Not as bad as XML! Ugh, so verbose for no reason.) I would suggest against it for the reason that it's a bit too strict for hand-edited configuration; I'd rather go with a more leniently-specified language.

YAML might work. It represents arbitrary objects, so we might be able to organize everything decently.

I also think it'd be a good idea to separate out plugin configuration files so that third-party or separately-shipped plugins could ship with default/annotated plugins, instead of having to merge into the main bot config.

... again, all cursory ideas that should probably be submitted as enhancements XD

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