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PyATL Jam Sessions

Python Atlanta's Jam sessions are hands-on, meetings of programmers, network administrators, scientists, or whoever else has an interest in the Python language and its uses.

We encourage you to bring hobby projects, your favorite open source projects, work projects, startup ideas, or anything else you like to the meetups to work with other members. Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, provide advice, or anything else. Members from all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome.

This Repository

This repository is intended to be a storage and collaboration area for use during and between the meetings. Members who wish to share their solutions or demonstrations of any projects they've worked on can fork the repo and send a patch, or provide the code to one of the organizers to be push up to the repository.

If you have something web based or a hosted solution, feel free to provide a short description of your project as a text, html, or markdown file and it can be included here for any other members who wish to view your project.

The repository is laid out simply according to our monthly meeting schedule, with a folder per month, containing subfolders for various topics and demonstrations. For example: 2012-03/pythonchallenge-level4/ Might indicate jrrickerson's solution to the Python Challenge warmup exercise, which was level 4.

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