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;; (C) 2011 Pierre-Yves Baccou
(defstruct selection
(defvar *selections* nil)
;; event SelectionNotify : never sent by the server, always by clients via SendEvent.
(defevent :SelectionClear (owner selection (time (server-time)))
:mode :custom :custom-clients (list (selection-previous-owner selection)))
(defevent :SelectionRequest (owner selection target property requestor (time (server-time)))
:mode :custom :custom-clients (list (selection-owner selection)))
(defrequest :GetSelectionOwner ((sel xatom))
(reply :owner nil))
(unimplemented :SetSelectionOwner t)
(unimplemented :ConvertSelection t)
#| unfinished
(defrequest SetSelectionOwner ((sel xatom) (owner window (nil)) time)
(let ((selection (find sel
:key #'selection-atom)))
(unless selection
(setf selection
(make-selection :atom sel
:time (server-time)))
(push selection
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