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Welcome to the Readme file of UnHackable

Important Notice

The next update was scheduled to launch on 1st March, 2021. But due to a error in a dependency, It has been delayed. It will be launched soon.

UnHackable is a app that generates passwords to keep you safe on the Internet by generating strong, hard to guess passwords. Updates will be rolling out frequently so stay tuned on that. 👍

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Platforms Discord

Supported Platforms:

Currently only Windows is supported. I hope to bring suppost for MacOS along the next update!

Screenshots 👇

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


  1. None


  1. Using Download:

    1. Go to the Repository.
    2. Click on Download or button in Readme.
    3. (After Download is complete) Unzip the file.
    4. Go to the Location where it has been unzipped.
    5. Open the folder and double-click or Run unhackable-setup.exe.
    6. Go through the installation and Done.
  2. Using Git:
    Prerequisites: Git

    1. Open CMD(Command Prompt)
    2. Go to the location where you want to clone
    3. Type and Run git clone
    4. cd into the new folder
    5. Run unhackable-setup.exe
    6. Go through the installation and done.