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Website for PyBay - the Bay Area Python Conference
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Build Status

The website for PyBay - the Bay Area Python Conference.

To work on this you'll need Python 3.6. Then:

  1. Fork the repo to your own personal github.

    • also clone the symposion repository, take note of the path to symposion/
  2. Clone the repo to your local environment; Try:

    $ python3.6 -m pip install --user pipenv
    $ git clone
    $ git clone
    $ cd pybay
  1. Install all required packages in a local virtual environment with pipenv install. Try: $ python3.6 -m pipenv install OR try: $ python3.6 -m pipenv install --dev OR: $ pipenv install

  2. Enter the environment shell and start the management server:

    $ pipenv shell


    $ python3.6 -m pipenv shell
    (ENV)$ python ./ migrate
    (ENV)$ python ./ loaddata fixtures/*     # doesn't work on Windows, see "Windows instructions" below
    (ENV)$ python ./ runserver

The default admin user is test and password is test

You may need to update your copy of symposion from time to time.

Windows Instructions

For some reason, running loaddata fixtures/* gives a No fixture named '*' found error on Windows. You'll have to load each fixture file individually:

    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/auth.json
    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/conference.json
    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/proposal_base.json
    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/sites.json
    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/sponsor_benefits.json
    (ENV)$ python loaddata fixtures/sponsor_levels.json

(You can ignore the "invalid foreign keys" warnings you get. The foreign keys will become valid once you've loaded all the fixture files.)


Deploying to pybay requires:

  1. fabric
  2. your public key on the pybay server (contact admin) 2.1 you can create a keypair with: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa 2.2 after an admin adds your public key to the server, you should be able to ssh in:
    $ ssh -i <path to your pub key>
  3. your code on pybay's github (contact admin) 3.1 use master branch for official site
    $ git push origin master
    3.2 use stanging branch for
    $ git push origin <your_branch>:staging

Install fabric. Then use the fab command to run the deploy task. You'll need your public key password for this.

$ pip install fabric3
$ fab deploy:staging
[] Executing task 'deploy'
Start with a git checkout.
[] Passphrase for private key:
... much output...
Successfully completed

By default the deploy task deploys to using pybay's staging branch. To deploy master branch to production (same server but virtualhost run it with the prod target as an argument.

$ fab deploy:prod
[] Executing task 'deploy'
... much output...
Successfully completed
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