A cookicutter template for a starter Briefcase project.
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Briefcase Bootstrap template

A template for starting a Python app that will be deployed using briefcase.

Using this template

  1. Install cookiecutter. This is a tool used to bootstrap complex project templates:

    $ pip install cookiecutter
  2. Run cookiecutter on this template:

    $ cookiecutter https://github.com/pybee/briefcase-template
  3. Add your code to the project.

  4. Install Briefcase. This is the tool that will produce a version of your project that can be deployed to specific platforms:

    $ pip install briefcase
  5. Use Briefcase to generate the artifacts for your platform of choice:

    $ python setup.py ios
    $ python setup.py android
    $ python setup.py macos
    $ python setup.py windows
    $ python setup.py linux
    $ python setup.py django