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Progress Log

Day Date Created Learned
001 Mar 30, 2017 script to check if tip already submitted to @python_tip Urlopen, 2vs3, csv parsing, namedtuples, contextlib
002 Mar 31, 2017 script to print out valid IPs of a specified user specified network ipaddress, simplifying and automating tedious/manual process
003 Apr 01, 2017 script to generate a gif from various png/jpg images useful for blog, awesome: pip install imageio, cli arg interface is more code :)
004 Apr 02, 2017 script that converts a text list to a text string useful for tedious sysadmin tasks. Pyperclip is used to read in a list copied to clipboard and convert it to a single line string separated by spaces.
005 Apr 03, 2017 script to create a 100DaysOfCode tweet takes a date or defaults to today, reads this LOG file in and creates a tweet about our progress (to be automated)
006 Apr 04, 2017 simple reusable code snippet to print a dict reusable code snippet to print the keys and values of a dict. Includes a demo dict. Short and sweet.
007 Apr 05, 2017 script to automatically tweet 100DayOfCode progress tweet twitter API, manage config outside source, logging, date parsing and timezones
008 Apr 06, 2017 reusable python flask html template for printing a dict reusable python flask html template that uses a for loop to print dict contents - flask
009 Apr 07, 2017 interactive script to create a new Pelican blog article lot of known concepts, but nice to bring a lot of functionality together, and above all a really useful script for our blog
010 Apr 08, 2017 script to spot cheap @transavia flights using their #API this was a nice exercise, and a very useful script for a monitoring cron job. TODO: wrap it in a Flask web app. Some modules I explored: calendar, datetime, dateutil.relativedelta, requests_cache
011 Apr 09, 2017 generic script to email the contents of a text file a script that uses your gmail account to email the contents of a text file. Current use case is to email web scraped data. smtplib, email, MIME
012 Apr 10, 2017 using OpenWeatherMap #API to compare weather in Australia vs Spain OpenWeatherMap API, pytz for timezone handling, datetime.utcfromtimestamp to parse unix timestamp to datetime, Google confirms sunset / sunrise times correct :)
013 Apr 11, 2017 simple #Flask app to compare weather of 2 cities (using OpenWeatherMap #API) This was a nice follow-up of 012, making it more generic (support any city), using Jinja templating, Flask form handling, and of course a good chunk of timezone handling (for sunset and sunrise)
014 Apr 12, 2017 script to automatically tweet out new @lynda (#Python) titles feedparser is awesome. Want to run it with filter on Python. Abstracted twitter config away in repo's common dir (re-use).
015 Apr 13, 2017 script to calculate the number of posts on @pybites small script but some interesting things: urllib.request.urlretrieve (stdlib), test and cache option (using os.start for cache file age), re.findall, dict comprehension.
016 Apr 14, 2017 script to #ssh to specified IPs and check their hostnames Generic script to ssh to a list of IPs and run a command using paramiko. This can obviously be altered for many purposes, not just hostname checks. The code is quite flexible.
017 Apr 15, 2017 script to automatically tweet out new @safari Python titles like the Lynda one, parsing an RSS feed, but only stdlib, so no feedparser, using xml.etree.ElementTree, no requests, using urllib. Also nice exercise converting and calculating with datetime / timedelta
018 Apr 16, 2017 using #pytest to write tests for @safari RSS scraper (day 017) testing is a good skill to keep honing. It lets you define your design better and look for edge cases that saves debug headaches later on. pytest is nice, to be further explored ...
019 Apr 17, 2017 paste in a list of numbers from the clipboard, sort to ascending then copy back to clipboard @AlSweigart #pyperclip #script simple yet useful script to read in a list of numbers from the clipboard, sort them into ascending order then copy the sorted list back to clipboard. Numbers need to initally be copied with a new line between them
020 Apr 18, 2017 monitor #Twitter and post to #slack each time our domain gets mentioned useful script and exercise. Twitter + Slack API combined == awesome. Aim was to clone/ replace (got bothered free trial will end one day ...)
021 Apr 19, 2017 script to make an index of modules used for this challenge (stdlib >50%) collections (defaultdict, Counter), os.path, regex, glob, os.listdir, is_std_lib function (from SO), f-strings. Nice to see we heavily use stdlib, Python == batteries included
022 Apr 20, 2017 create and paste #Amazon affiliation link to clipboard #pyperclip @AlSweigart nice little utility to copy an take Amazon link from clipboard, convert it into an affiliation link and paste it back to clipboard
023 Apr 21, 2017 use Counter to count the most common words in a file we did some time ago, collections module is awesome
024 Apr 22, 2017 generate color hex codes from random RGBs and color terminal text nice play with generators, RGB to hex with format, and colorizing the terminal with the colored package. This could be useful for future cli apps
025 Apr 23, 2017 Simple test #database generator script #python #sqlite #contextmanager Script to generate a quick, test sqlite3 database with 1 table and 3 columns. Can be customised and expanded to suit your needs. Definitely useful for playing around with persistent data.
026 Apr 24, 2017 Simple script to retrieve #movie data from OMDb #API Get OMDB for movie data, query API by IMDB ID or title. Returns text or html. Uses request_cache to limit repeated calls to API. Could help some folks taking this this week's challenge
027 Apr 25, 2017 rough script to query the #warcraft #API for a character's mounts A VERY rough and simple script to query the World of Warcraft API and pull the collected mounts of a specific character. Lots of room to expand this with stripping of JSON data and specifying which data to pull. Just some fun with a new and unconmmon API!
028 Apr 26, 2017 Jupyter notebook to plot and list new #Python titles on @safari by month Learning: parsing a Twitter CSV backup dump (@newsafaribooks account), matplotlib, collections, hacking iPython css
029 Apr 27, 2017 Traffic Lights script to demo #itertools cycle A nice and easy script to simulate traffic lights using itertools.cycle and other stdlib modules cycle. Itertools rocks!
030 Apr 28, 2017 Script to import movie csv file into an sqlite database sqlite3, csv, nice groundwork for Flask auto-complete I am working on
031 Apr 29, 2017 Simple and reusable #Python #script to move all files from one folder to another A simple but useful script to move all files from one diretory to another using shutil and os. Currently using this in a cron job to mv server log files into an archive folder to keep the log dir clean.
032 Apr 30, 2017 #Flask #jQuery movie autocomplete Used DB of day 30. Learned Jinja template extending / inheritance. Nice plugin for mixing Flask/JS: Flask-JSGlue. TODO: upon select movie direct to page showing movie info.
033 May 01, 2017 I need to drink more water at work so I wrote a #Python #script to remind (spam) me every hour A simple script using MIME and a cron job (read the readme.txt) to remind me to drink more water at work! Doesn't email on the weekends or before/after hours. Over the top? Maybe. Satisfying? Hell yes.
034 May 02, 2017 Import a #podcast feed into a DB table with #SQLAlchemy Part of the this week's code challenge solution. Found it useful enough to extract this bit as separate nudget
035 May 03, 2017 Text replacer script using #pyperclip by @AlSweigart A simple script that will replace any text or characters in text that you have copied to the clipboard. Check out the readme.txt file for more detail.
036 May 04, 2017 Use #Python #pickle to store and retrieve a defaultdict Nice and easy persistence tool. Using it with context manager to write random log entries. Each time the script is run the data pickle file gets updates. To get random entries I used a generator.
037 May 05, 2017 #Python script to pull down an #XML feed and save it This is an extremely simple script that uses the requests module to pull down an XML feed and write it as is to your local disk for later use by a scraper etc. Created while working on PCC17
038 May 06, 2017 Simple #Twitter login for your #Flask app using flask_oauthlib This was a nice addition to myreadinglist app: easy authentication flow. Also want to leverage it to show recommended books from followers of the Twitter logged in user.
039 May 07, 2017 #Python script to give you every valid dictionary match of a specified letter sequence A script that uses itertools permutations to check whether a user specified sequence of letters (could be a word!) can be used to make a word or words from the English dictionary.
040 May 08, 2017 PyBites podcast challenge 17 in less than 100 LOC using #scheduler and #shelve Rewriting a script with different modules (originally we used SQLAlchemy/SQlite) and with LOC constraint, was fun
041 May 09, 2017 Script to check all possible combinations of letters and match against a dictionary. Great for #scrabble Similar to day 039 but this time it checks all combinations of letters of all lengths, not just the length of the given string. It's a great way to ruin a game of Words with Friends!
042 May 10, 2017 Using #Python icalendar module to parse FB birthdays cal (ics file) Prework to download all birthdays into a Flask SQLAlchemy app
043 May 11, 2017 Script to read in a list and reverse its contents I thought it'd be fun to see if I could read in a list of excel cells and reverse their order then paste them out. It's not perfect but it works!
044 May 12, 2017 Random name generator, reading in a bunch of names from a CSV file I used this for Flask SQLAlchemy birthday app to anonymize the data (real dates, fake names), csv source here (TODO: could use faker module)
045 May 13, 2017 #steam XML feed scraper for new #game releases A simple script to parse the Steam XML feed for new game releases. Script will store the title and URL data in an SQLite DB. Readme.txt for more info.
046 May 14, 2017 Get friends updates from Goodreads #API #books Base work for this week's challenge 18 to get book recommendations from Goodreads (requires oauth)
047 May 15, 2017 Customisable script for pulling down XML feeds with a cron job This is the accompanying script for Day 045 to automate the pull of the XML feed. It uses requests and a cron job.
048 May 16, 2017 Use the Faker module to get (random) fake Dutch names Refactored random name generator of day 44 = much less LOC, and you can specify a "localized provider" to get names in a particular language, very cool. Reminder to self: don't re-invent the wheel, use PyPI more!
049 May 17, 2017 Email contents of an #sqlite db Code snippet to email data from an sqlite db then flag the data as Emailed to avoid sending it multiple times. Handy for an emailer service.
050 May 18, 2017 Use folium to draw a map with cities I traveled to Folium is awesome and easy to use, definitely will use it for more stuff later on (as well as Bokeh)
051 May 19, 2017 Use #Python #requests module on a page behind a login Wrote a quick script to pull web page data from a page behind a login. In this example I pull my post data from Will write a detailed post about it this week.
052 May 20, 2017 Build a user focused REPL with prompt_toolkit (source @amjithr) Code from PyCon2017 Awesome Commandline tools session
053 May 21, 2017 Script to start automating posting to our PyBites FB group Also 'a' possible solution for challenge 19 of this week
054 May 22, 2017 Script to create a person #class and calculate BMI A simple script to demo basic Python Classes. It calculates the BMI of an individual
055 May 23, 2017 Parse/store #PyCon2017 talks meta data in DB - #BeautifulSoup #sqlite Fun little exercise to get an index of PyCon talk meta data and load them into a sqlite DB to query them and what not
056 May 24, 2017 #Python #Flask BMI calculator A quick but useful BMI calculator created with Python Flask. Will have to run this on Heroku just for the experience!
057 May 25, 2017 Using the #YouTube #API to determine most popular #PyCon2017 talks PyCon videos watch / like stats = nice to know, but also data prep to maybe do some data visualization with Bokeh
058 May 26, 2017 Playing with OOP and dunder methods in Python Some practice / example code because this week we have an OOP challenge
059 May 27, 2017 Using the #Twilio #API to send SMS messages Prework for another app where I want to use Twilio to send reminder notification and text friends :)
060 May 28, 2017 #Python #Flask Pay Calculator using a session object A simple pay calculator (wage x hours) that demos the use of a Flask Session object so the wage is remembered throughout the session. Very cool stuff!
061 May 29, 2017 Plan your next book read using the @twilio SMS API (cc @mattmakai) Fun exercise for our OOP challenge (#20) using the Twilio API for SMS, click for nice and easy command line argument handling, pytest for testing, and schedule for cron. Using this live now to facilitate a 'reading date' with some friends. They get weekly task lists / goals via SMS, lets see if they read more thanks to this script :)
062 May 30, 2017 #Python #Flask friends list with #sqlite db Essentially an address book to track friends with. It utilises sqlite3 for a persistent DB and was particularly tricky to make as it creates a pull down menu for you to select which friend to view! Need to improve the handling of people with the same name though.
063 May 31, 2017 Coding an account class using properties, dunders and pytest Good exercise to explore properties (for today's article) and alo did some magic method goodness to deposit/withdraw amounts from account.
064 Jun 01, 2017 Prework code challenge #21: ApplianceCost class to calc energy cost This will be the data model for a simple flask app to calculate cost per appliance given minutes consumption in period, also want to give a dropdown of energy prices per country. This will be fun
065 Jun 02, 2017 Use #Python #webbrowser to simplify #Flask testing Just a nifty little snippet I use to make testing my Flask apps one step easier and faster. Use the webbrowser module to save you time opening and refreshing your Flask app after every code change
066 Jun 03, 2017 Use Selenium to login to a site and show content Work in progress: trying to login to Packt and show ebooks and maybe even make a download manager.
067 Jun 04, 2017 #Python script to pull a random entry from an #sqlite db A script that pulls a random movie from an sqlite db of movies. Just to demo the random pull procedure.
068 Jun 05, 2017 @mohhinder translated our 'from PyBites import newsletter' into code In his own words: Written on iPhone with the Pythonista 3 app as a joke for the PyBites guys, I don't see why it wouldn't work anywhere else though. They always start off their newsletter annoucements with: from @PyBites import newsletter, so I turned it into actual code that pulls their feed and opens their latest newsletter in a browser :) - original source and tweet
069 Jun 06, 2017 #Python CLI based #Pomodoro Timer with #webbrowser alarm Very simple Pomodoro Script I made for myself that launches an alarm tone on YouTube (using the Python webbrowser module) when the time is up.
070 Jun 07, 2017 How to parse html tables with #pandas (#jupyter notebook) Prep work for tomorrow's article where I will show you how Pandas can relieve the pain of parsing nasty html tables
071 Jun 08, 2017 How to calculate the # of days between two dates #Python #datetime Simple CLI script to calculate the number of days between two dates. It uses datetime and dateutils to do this. Still need to strip out the timestamp in the final output though. Maybe a regex? Needs investigation.
072 Jun 09, 2017 Packt ebook download manager Using requests to login to Packt, BeautifulSoup to parse the account/ebooks page for links, letting user download his/her books via interactive script
073 Jun 10, 2017 #Python script to download a file using #FTP A simple and quick script to download a file from an FTP server using ftplib. Would ideally be matched with a cron job.
074 Jun 11, 2017 Using Pillow to add text and opacity to an image = your own cards Played with the Pillow module. Script to let user enter an image path (or url) and text to put on the image. Pillow does the rest. Could be a useful recipe to make your own Birthday cards :)
075 Jun 12, 2017 #Python script to take screenshots using #pyscreeze @AlSweigart A Simple script that uses PyScreeze (written by Al Sweigart) to take a screenshot. Handy for any code that may require a screenshot to be taken. Also includes code to allow you to change dirs to save the screenshot somewhere else.
076 Jun 13, 2017 Script to scrape Packt free ebook site and send html notification mail Using requests, BeautifulSoup, namedtuple, datetime. Cronjob script to send out a nice html email with image and metadata of the book, and how long till free offer expires. As it's hard to automate this now with the new captcha at least we get notified about each new title.
077 Jun 14, 2017 Blank template of a #Python #class and #subclass A blank template I created that shows the framework of a Python Class and Subclass. Easy to just copy and customise.
078 Jun 15, 2017 Use a context manager to rollback a transaction An example for the use of the with statement = resource management.
079 Jun 16, 2017 #Python script to capture exceptions when creating an #sqlite db A simple but useful script I use to create an sqlite db and check to see if it exists on subsequent runs. The use of exception allows me to capture any other errors too.
080 Jun 17, 2017 "Is this Bob or Julian?" - script to reveal who of @pybites tweets Fun little exercise that started with Anthony Shaw asking who he was talking to - it actually became more involved turning/testing out location on our tweets and adding exception handling ... nice practice! (and a funny new service for our PyBites community)
081 Jun 18, 2017 Using unittest mock patch to test Tweepy code without calling the API I took my code of day 80 and wrote tests for it. But as it involves an API we don't want to call it and depend on the network. So you can use the mock patch decorator. I did have to save some test data (cache decorator in main script), but once that was done, it was pretty easy. Here is another Twitter API mock I did some time ago
082 Jun 19, 2017 #Python script to list all #timezones and their current time Simple script using pytz and Pendulum to print a list of every timezone as well as the associated CURRENT time.
083 Jun 20, 2017 #Python #Flask app to print the current time in a given timezone Useful and cool little Flask app to print the current time for a timezone selected from a drop down menu. Does it exist already? Of course! But so satisfying to make it yourself!
084 Jun 21, 2017 Use PyGithub to retrieve some basic stats for a GH user Conclusion: PyGithub makes it really easy to work with the GH API
085 Jun 22, 2017 #Python script to list out the current exchange rate Script that uses the API to pull and print a list of the current exchange rate relative to US$1
086 Jun 23, 2017 Script to pull some quick stats from a #Twitter Archive CSV Using Counter and csv.Dictreader. Simple exercise, yet useful data. You can run it yourself downloading your Twitter Archive in Settings
087 Jun 24, 2017 Currency Conversion script using openexchangerates API A basic but expensive script to convert one currency to another using the openexchangerates API. To use this you'll need an Unlimited subscription. TODO: do this myself using the free plan by performing math conversions myself.
088 Jun 25, 2017 Using #Slack Real Time Messaging #API to capture all messages Groundwork for our new karmabot project.
089 Jun 26, 2017 #Python #Flask overtime hours tracker. #sqlite I wrote a simple Flask app to track the overtime hours that I work. It uses an sqlite db and prints existing overtime data on the main page.
090 Jun 27, 2017 Playing with TheTVDB API to scrape some movies/series info thetvdb, various good wrappers pip installable - today's script lists episodes for a show
091 Jun 28, 2017 Showing the broadcasting network for a show using TheTVDB API More thetvdb - I know from friends they need this lookup :)
092 Jun 29, 2017 #Python script to ping every IP on a specified #network A simple script that'll ping every IP on a user specified network. Uses the ipaddress and os modules.
093 Jun 30, 2017 Refactored day 86's Tweet Achive Stats script into a Package Modularized Twitter Archive script of day 86 turning it into a package. This will serve our post of this week on packaging.
094 Jul 01, 2017 Simple Python script to #scp get a file from a remote host Script uses the Paramiko package and SCP to pull a log file from a remote host. Can be easily modified and expanded.
095 Jul 02, 2017 Class to cache moviedb API responses #shelve #decorator #namedtuple Part of challenge 25 solution where we query themoviedb API to get upcoming/now-playing movies or airing tv series to send out mail alerts
096 Jul 03, 2017 Script to measure which 100Days tweets were most successful (RTs / Favs) Using csv module to parse downloaded archive, tweepy to query status for each tweet, parsing out retweet_count and favorite_count. I add those up and sort the result descending on this combined number. Curious to see what our most popular tweets were ...
097 Jul 04, 2017 Create a default #Flask App dir structure for new projects Unpythonic and simple. A rough script I threw together that creates a basic Flask App directory structure (templates and static folder) with required base files. Will refactor this later but for now it works!
098 Jul 05, 2017 Script to use the #Instagram #API to authenticate and pull your media Experimentation with the Instagram API - hit some bugs which I documented in README, considering making my own wrapper ...
099 Jul 06, 2017 Simple #Flask app to display photos in a directory This is a very basic app to demonstrate displaying images using Flask and Jinja templates. All photos need to be stored in the "static" dir within the Flask folder structure. The glob module is used to parse the photo dir. The app can and will be expanded and refactored.
100 Jul 07, 2017 100DaysOfCode done! 5K LOC!! Day #100 Special: a Histogram of LOC/day Glob through all our day directories, counting lines per python script. Then pip installed matplotlib and Plot a histogram from a Dictionary, very easy to do with Python :) - see you for our next 100 Days PyBites Project / Challenge