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Use Selenium to retrieve Packt's free daily ebook/video info and send a notification to Twitter and Slack
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Packt Free Learning Notifier

Set the following env variables in venv/bin/activate locally or as Config Vars when deploying to Heroku:

  1. Heroku

    Add Heroku heroku/chromedriver and heroku/google-chrome buildpacks, then set:

     export CHROME_DRIVER=/app/.chromedriver/bin/chromedriver
     export GOOGLE_CHROME_BIN=/app/.apt/usr/bin/google-chrome
  2. Post to Slack

    Create app (API) - admin approval - install app into workspace - add "incoming webhook", then set:

     export SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL=
  3. Post to Twitter

    Create an app via the Twitter API, then set:

     export CONSUMER_KEY=abc
     export CONSUMER_SECRET=def
     export ACCESS_TOKEN=ghi
     export ACCESS_SECRET=jkl
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