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import os
import json
import contextlib
import pyblish_maya
import pyblish_magenta.plugin
from maya import cmds
def suspension():
class ExtractAlembic(pyblish_magenta.api.Extractor):
"""Extract Alembic Cache
This extracts an Alembic cache using the `-selection` flag to minimize
the extracted content to solely what was Collected into the instance.
startFrame (float): Start frame of output. Ignored if `frameRange`
endFrame (float): End frame of output. Ignored if `frameRange`
frameRange (str): Frame range in the format of "startFrame endFrame".
Overrides `startFrame` and `endFrame` arguments.
dataFormat (str): The data format to use for the cache,
defaults to "ogawa"
verbose (bool): When on, outputs frame number information to the
Script Editor or output window during extraction.
noNormals (bool): When on, normal data from the original polygon
objects is not included in the exported Alembic cache file.
renderableOnly (bool): When on, any non-renderable nodes or hierarchy,
such as hidden objects, are not included in the Alembic file.
Defaults to False.
stripNamespaces (bool): When on, any namespaces associated with the
exported objects are removed from the Alembic file. For example, an
object with the namespace taco:foo:bar appears as bar in the
Alembic file.
uvWrite (bool): When on, UV data from polygon meshes and subdivision
objects are written to the Alembic file. Only the current UV map is
worldSpace (bool): When on, the top node in the node hierarchy is
stored as world space. By default, these nodes are stored as local
space. Defaults to False.
eulerFilter (bool): When on, X, Y, and Z rotation data is filtered with
an Euler filter. Euler filtering helps resolve irregularities in
rotations especially if X, Y, and Z rotations exceed 360 degrees.
Defaults to True.
label = "Alembic"
families = ["pointcache"]
optional = True
def options(self):
"""Overridable options for Alembic export
Given in the following format
If the overridden option's type does not match,
the option is not included and a warning is logged.
return {
"startFrame": float,
"endFrame": float,
"frameRange": str, # "start end"; overrides startFrame & endFrame
"eulerFilter": bool,
"frameRelativeSample": float,
"noNormals": bool,
"renderableOnly": bool,
"step": float,
"stripNamespaces": bool,
"uvWrite": bool,
"wholeFrameGeo": bool,
"worldSpace": bool,
"writeVisibility": bool,
"writeColorSets": bool,
"writeFaceSets": bool,
"writeCreases": bool, # Maya 2015 Ext1+
"dataFormat": str,
"root": (list, tuple),
"attr": (list, tuple),
"attrPrefix": (list, tuple),
"userAttr": (list, tuple),
"melPerFrameCallback": str,
"melPostJobCallback": str,
"pythonPerFrameCallback": str,
"pythonPostJobCallback": str,
"selection": bool
def default_options(self):
"""Supply default options to extraction.
This may be overridden by a subclass to provide
alternative defaults.
from maya import cmds
start_frame = cmds.playbackOptions(q=True, animationStartTime=True)
end_frame = cmds.playbackOptions(q=True, animationEndTime=True)
# We include 5 frame handles by default
handles = 5
start_frame -= handles
end_frame += handles
return {
"frameRange": "%s %s" % (start_frame, end_frame),
"selection": True,
"uvWrite": True,
"eulerFilter": True,
"dataFormat": "ogawa" # ogawa, hdf5
def process(self, instance):
# Ensure alembic exporter is loaded
cmds.loadPlugin('AbcExport', quiet=True)
# Define extract output file path
temp_dir = self.temp_dir(instance)
# parent_dir = os.path.join(temp_dir,"name"))
parent_dir = temp_dir
filename = "{0}.abc".format(
path = os.path.join(parent_dir, filename)
# Alembic Exporter requires forward slashes
path = path.replace('\\', '/')"Extracting alembic to: {0}".format(path))
options = self.default_options
options["userAttr"] = ("uuid",)
options = self.parse_overrides(instance, options)
job_str = self.parse_options(options)
job_str += ' -file "{0}"'.format(path)"Extracting alembic to: {0}".format(path))
verbose ='verbose', False)
if verbose:
self.log.debug('Alembic job string: "{0}"'.format(job_str))
if not os.path.exists(parent_dir):
with suspension():
with pyblish_maya.maintained_selection():
"Preparing %s for export using the following options: %s\n"
"and the following string: %s"
% (list(instance),
json.dumps(options, indent=4),
job_str)), hierarchy=True)
cmds.AbcExport(j=job_str, verbose=verbose)
def parse_overrides(self, instance, options):
"""Inspect data of instance to determine overridden options
An instance may supply any of the overridable options
as data, the option is then added to the extraction.
for key in
if key not in self.options:
# Ensure the data is of correct type
value =
if not isinstance(value, self.options[key]):
"Overridden attribute {key} was of "
"the wrong type: {invalid_type} "
"- should have been {valid_type}".format(
options[key] = value
return options
def parse_options(cls, options):
"""Convert key-word arguments to job arguments string"""
# Convert `startFrame` and `endFrame` arguments
if 'startFrame' in options or 'endFrame' in options:
start_frame = options.pop('startFrame', None)
end_frame = options.pop('endFrame', None)
if 'frameRange' in options:
cls.log.debug("The `startFrame` and/or `endFrame` arguments "
"are overridden by the provided `frameRange`.")
elif start_frame is None or end_frame is None:
cls.log.warning("The `startFrame` and `endFrame` arguments "
"must be supplied together.")
options['frameRange'] = "%s %s" % (start_frame, end_frame)
job_args = list()
for key, value in options.iteritems():
if isinstance(value, (list, tuple)):
for entry in value:
job_args.append("-{0} {1}".format(key, entry))
if isinstance(value, bool):
job_args.append("-{0} {1}".format(key, value))
job_str = " ".join(job_args)
return job_str