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Run unit tests with Pyblish Shell.

$ cd pyblish-base
$ ./pyblish_shell run_testsuite.py
Simple plug-ins work well ... INFO - Processing..
INFO - Done!
Simple plug-ins process instances as usual ... ok
Simple plug-ins defaults to running *before* SVEC ... ok

Ran 143 tests in 0.657s


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Builds for OSX Mavericks and Ubuntu 12.04.


The OSX offering is still under development and currently requires an install of Qt on your local system. We're working to detach this requirement!

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Added support for Pyblish Tray, unbuffered and background mode.

Pyblish Tray

Pyblish Tray can now be started natively using the supplied executable.

$ pyblish_tray

On Windows, this will automatically run without an associated command prompt.


Unbuffered mode means STDOUT is sent to the parent process immediately, which means it can be used with things like subprocess. Pyblish Tray relies on this functionality to monitor the child Pyblish QML process.

$ # Trigger unbuffered mode with the -u flag
$ pyblish_shell -u -m my_module


On Windows, you can mute the native command prompt by passing --background.

$ pyblish_shell --background -m pyblish_tray
$ pyblish_shell --background -m pyblish_qml --debug

Implementation Detail

Program executables have been converted to simple scripts to simplify both maintenance and your understanding of what is actually going on under the hood.

Have a look inside the pyblish_qml.bat (Windows) or pyblish_qml (Unix) for a peek.

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Initial release.


You will find two executables in this install.

  • pyblish_qml
  • pyblish_shell

pyblish_qml or pyblish_qml.exe is a Python interpreter hard-coded to run the following.

$ python -m pyblish_qml

Which means it is up to you to have pyblish_qml and it's dependencies available on your PYTHONPATH before launching.

pyblish_shell or pyblish_shell.exe is a simulated interactive Python interpreter, it supports the most basic notions of running, importing libraries and also using the -m and -c command-line flags.