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"$schema": "",
"title": "pyblish-starter:version-1.0",
"description": "An individual version",
"type": "object",
"additionalProperties": true,
"required": [
"properties": {
"schema": {"type": "string"},
"representations": {
"type": "array",
"items": {
"$ref": "representation.json"
"time": {
"description": "ISO formatted, file-system compatible time",
"type": "string"
"author": {
"description": "User logged on to the machine at time of publish",
"type": "string"
"version": {
"description": "Number of this version",
"type": "number"
"path": {
"description": "Unformatted path",
"type": "string"
"source": {
"description": "Original file from which this version was made.",
"type": "string"