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Welcome to Pyblish.

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What is it?

Pyblish answers the two most commonly asked questions by artists and TDs.

   _________________________              _______________________________
  /                         \      |     /                               \
 | - Where do I save it?     |     |    | How do I get artists to..       |
 | - How do I format it?     |     |    |   - save in the proper place?   | 
  \___________________________\    |    /_  - format appropriately?       |
                                o  |  o   \______________________________/
                                /| | |\
                               / | | | \
           The Artist              |                The TD

Technically, Pyblish is a test-runner and file exporter. The idea being that you export only what has passed the tests.

Clearly stating what Pyblish is and does has been a challenge since it was born.

To those familiar with publishing in major studios, odds are it's very similar. The issue lies in how different publishing is to different people and studios. For example, some test and some do not. Pyblish assumes you do.

For others, feel free to consider it a test-runner, much like nose. But where nose applies to software, Pyblish applies to content - the kind of content you create in Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, Zbrush and Mari etc. In those cases, nose is less of an ideal choice, due to the end user being artists and not software developers. Artists needs something tangible and up-front, something they can interact with.

Some have reported this summary to make sense.

But for most users, considering they have no prior experience with publishing, skimming the getting started guide is the most direct route to knowing whether it is for you or not.

Why Pyblish?

Every successful studio I have ever worked at published. Unfortunately, publishing is a rather mystic art known only to those who stand on the shoulders of giants; where the giants are only found in-house at major studios.

Pyblish is meant to expose publishing to the general public and improve the practice overall.

Who makes it?

My name is Marcus Ottosson and I work in visual effects industry.


Pyblish is a pure-Python framework with no dependencies


For questions, bug reports or just general chit-chat - you can find us, along with the community, in the Forums and on Gitter.

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