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Publishing is what Pyblish is all about. But what exactly is "publishing"?


The concept may originally have descended from from software development, in which the term testing refers to..

..the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product meets the business and technical requirements that guided it's design and development. - Reference


In the illustration above, no testing or validation takes place, thus leaving your assets vulnerable to error. Each error then trickles through your pipeline, from artist to artist, until it will eventually have to be sent back from whence it came. Sound familiar?


With publishing, errors can be caught before they get a chance to infect any part of your pipeline. The end result is happier developers, happier artists and happier clients.

Assembly Line Analogy

The assembly line is perhaps the most common analogy to film and games production in general, and applies well to publishing and Pyblish as well.

    modeler      ____        rigger
                |\   \
       o        | \   \        o
      / \       ||\\   \      / \
 ____/___\_____ ||_\\   \ ___/___\_____
o\_____________\ \__|\___\\____________\
\o______________oo__||   | o___________o
                    ||   |
                    ||   |


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