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Optional (for specific purposes):

  • RL-Glue
  • ODE version 0.8
  • PyOde version 1.2
  • PIL (Python Imaging Library)
  • PyOpenGL version 3.0
  • tk/tkinter
  • PyCDF
  • SCons

Getting the dependencies using setuptools

This one way, but maybe the easiest: setuptools is a package that contains Python’s package manager and makes installation of Python packages easier.

  • First, verify your Python version is at least 2.5:
    $ python --version
    Python 2.5.2
  • get the bootstrap script and run it (maybe through sudo):
    $ python
  • Install scipy and matplotlib:
    $ easy_install scipy
    $ easy_install matplotlib

Alternative method for Windows: Enthought

Some users have reported it to be easier to install python and scipy on Windows through Enthought. So if the above does not work for you, check out the academic distribution.