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Improved coverage with signing #97

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I think after this there's no more "obvious" coverage missing, it's all handling failures in NaCl itself that I have no idea how to trigger.


Some of those failure scenarios can likely be switched to asserts. Looking at the libsodium source I've seen a few functions that return an int, but it's always zero.


Coverage Status

Coverage increased (+0.95%) when pulling bcfecfa on alex:signing-coverage into b8863b8 on pyca:master.

@reaperhulk reaperhulk merged commit aba4272 into pyca:master
@alex alex deleted the alex:signing-coverage branch
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Commits on Jul 16, 2014
  1. @alex

    Improved coverage with signing

    alex authored
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  1. +15 −1 tests/
16 tests/
@@ -47,10 +47,17 @@ def ed25519_known_answers():
class TestSigningKey:
def test_initialize_with_generate(self):
+ def test_wrong_length(self):
+ with pytest.raises(ValueError):
+ nacl.signing.SigningKey(b"")
+ def test_bytes(self):
+ k = nacl.signing.SigningKey(b"\x00" * nacl.c.crypto_sign_SEEDBYTES)
+ assert bytes(k) == b"\x00" * nacl.c.crypto_sign_SEEDBYTES
@pytest.mark.parametrize("seed", [
@@ -80,6 +87,13 @@ def test_message_signing(self, seed, message, signature, expected):
class TestVerifyKey:
+ def test_wrong_length(self):
+ with pytest.raises(ValueError):
+ nacl.signing.VerifyKey(b"")
+ def test_bytes(self):
+ k = nacl.signing.VerifyKey(b"\x00" * nacl.c.crypto_sign_PUBLICKEYBYTES)
+ assert bytes(k) == b"\x00" * nacl.c.crypto_sign_PUBLICKEYBYTES
("public_key", "signed", "message", "signature"),
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