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This file only contains the changes up to release 0.15.1. Newer changes can be
found at <>.
2015-04-14 Hynek Schlawack <>
* Release 0.15.1
2015-04-14 Glyph Lefkowitz <>
* OpenSSL/, OpenSSL/test/ Fix a regression
present in 0.15, where when an error occurs and no errno() is set,
a KeyError is raised. This happens, for example, if
Connection.shutdown() is called when the underlying transport has
gone away.
2015-04-14 Hynek Schlawack <>
* Release 0.15
2015-04-12 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/, OpenSSL/ APIs which previously accepted
filenames only as bytes now accept them as either bytes or
unicode (and respect sys.getfilesystemencoding()).
2015-03-23 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Add Cory Benfield's next-protocol-negotiation
(NPN) bindings.
2015-03-15 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Add ``Connection.recv_into``, mirroring the
builtin ``socket.recv_into``. Based on work from Cory Benfield.
* OpenSSL/test/ Add tests for ``recv_into``.
2015-01-30 Stephen Holsapple <>
* OpenSSL/ Expose ``X509StoreContext`` for verifying certificates.
* OpenSSL/test/ Add intermediate certificates for
2015-01-08 Paul Aurich <>
* OpenSSL/ ``Connection.shutdown`` now propagates errors from the
underlying socket.
2014-12-11 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Fixed a regression ``Context.check_privatekey``
causing it to always succeed - even if it should fail.
2014-08-21 Alex Gaynor <>
* OpenSSL/ Fixed a regression where calling ``load_pkcs7_data``
with ``FILETYPE_ASN1`` would fail with a ``NameError``.
2014-05-05 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Fix a regression in which the first argument of
the "verify" callback was incorrectly passed a ``Context`` instance
instead of the ``Connection`` instance.
* OpenSSL/test/ Add a test for the value passed as the
first argument of the "verify" callback.
2014-04-19 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Based on work from Alex Gaynor, Andrew
Lutomirski, Tobias Oberstein, Laurens Van Houtven, and Hynek
Schlawack, add ``get_elliptic_curve`` and ``get_elliptic_curves``
to support TLS ECDHE modes.
* OpenSSL/ Add ``Context.set_tmp_ecdh`` to configure a TLS
context with a particular elliptic curve for ECDHE modes.
2014-04-19 Markus Unterwaditzer <>
* OpenSSL/ ``Connection.send`` and ``Connection.sendall``
now also accept the ``buffer`` type as data.
2014-04-05 Stephen Holsapple <>
* OpenSSL/ Make ``load_pkcs12`` backwards compatible with
pyOpenSSL 0.13 by making passphrase optional.
2014-03-30 Fedor Brunner <>
* OpenSSL/ Add ``get_finished``, ``get_peer_finished``
methods to ``Connection``. If you use these methods to
implement TLS channel binding (RFC 5929) disable session
resumption because triple handshake attacks against TLS.
2014-03-29 Fedor Brunner <>
* OpenSSL/ Add ``get_cipher_name``, ``get_cipher_bits``,
and ``get_cipher_version`` to ``Connection``.
2014-03-28 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ Replace the use of ``apply`` (which has been
removed in Python 3) with the equivalent syntax.
2014-03-28 Jonathan Giannuzzi <>
* OpenSSL/ Fix memory leak in _X509_REVOKED_dup.
* leakcheck/ Add checks for _X509_REVOKED_dup, CRL.add_revoked
and CRL.get_revoked.
* Require cryptography 0.3 to have the ASN1_TIME_free binding.
2014-03-02 Stephen Holsapple <>
* OpenSSL/ Add ``get_extensions`` method to ``X509Req``.
2014-02-23 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.14
2014-01-09 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL: Port to the cffi-based OpenSSL bindings provided by
2013-10-06 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/context.c: Add support for negotiating TLS v1.1 or
2013-10-03 Christian Heimes <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509.c: Fix an inconsistency in memory management
in X509.get_serial_number which leads to crashes on some runtimes
(certain Windows/Python 3.3 environments, at least).
2013-08-11 Christian Heimes <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509ext.c: Fix handling of NULL bytes inside
subjectAltName general names when formatting an X509 extension
as a string.
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509.c: Fix memory leak in get_extension().
2012-04-03 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/pkey.c: Release the GIL around RSA and DSA key
generation, based on code from INADA Naoki.
2012-02-13 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/ssl.c: Add session cache related constants for use
with the new Context.set_session_cache_mode method.
* OpenSSL/ssl/context.c: Add new Context methods
set_session_cache_mode and get_session_cache_mode.
2011-11-01 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/pkey.c: Raise TypeError when trying to check a
PKey instance which has no private component, instead of crashing.
Based on fix by <lp:~dataway>.
2011-09-14 Žiga Seilnacht <lp:ziga-seilnacht>
* OpenSSL/crypto/crypto.c: Allow exceptions from passphrase
callbacks to propagate up out of load_privatekey
* OpenSSL/crypto/crypto.c: Raise an exception when a too-long
passphrase is returned from a passphrase callback, instead of
silently truncating it.
* OpenSSL/crypto/crypto.c: Fix a memory leak when a passphrase
callback returns the wrong type.
2011-09-13 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/crl.c: Add error handling for the use of
2011-09-11 Jonathan Ballet <lp:multani>
* doc/: Convert the LaTeX documentation to Sphinx-using ReST.
* OpenSSL/: Convert the epytext API documentation to Sphinx-using ReST.
2011-09-08 Guillermo Gonzalez <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/context.c: Add Context.set_mode method.
2011-09-02 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.13
2011-06-12 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/pkey.c: Add the PKey.check method, mostly
implemented by Rick Dean, to verify the internal consistency of a
PKey instance.
2011-06-12 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/crypto.c: Fix the sign and verify functions so
they handle data with embedded NULs. Fix by David Brodsky
2011-05-20 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/connection.c, OpenSSL/test/ Add a new
method to the Connection type, get_peer_cert_chain, for retrieving
the peer's certificate chain.
2011-05-19 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509.c, OpenSSL/test/ Add a new
method to the X509 type, get_signature_algorithm, for inspecting
the signature algorithm field of the certificate. Based on a
patch from <lp:~okuda>.
2011-05-10 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/crypto.h: Work around a Windows/OpenSSL 1.0 issue
explicitly including a Windows header before any OpenSSL headers.
* OpenSSL/crypto/pkcs12.c: Work around an OpenSSL 1.0 issue by
explicitly flushing errors known to be uninteresting after calling
* OpenSSL/ssl/context.c: Remove SSLv2 support if the underlying
OpenSSL library does not provide it.
* OpenSSL/test/ Support an OpenSSL 1.0 change from
MD5 to SHA1 by allowing either hash algorithm's result as the
return value of X509.subject_name_hash.
* OpenSSL/test/ Support an OpenSSL 1.0 change from MD5
to SHA1 by constructing certificate files named using both hash
algorithms' results when testing Context.load_verify_locations.
* Support OpenSSL 1.0.0a.
2011-04-15 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/ssl.c: Add OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER, SSLeay_version
and related constants for retrieving version information about the
underlying OpenSSL library.
2011-04-07 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.12
2011-04-06 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509.c: Add get_extension_count and get_extension
to the X509 type, allowing read access to certificate extensions.
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509ext.c: Add get_short_name and get_data to the
X509Extension type, allowing read access to the contents of an
2011-03-21 Olivier Hervieu <lp:~ohe>
* OpenSSL/ssl/ssl.c: Expose a number of symbolic constants for
values passed to the connection "info" callback.
2011-01-22 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/ssl/ Add support for new-style
buffers (primarily memoryviews) to Connection.send and
2010-11-01 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.11
2010-10-07 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Initial support for Python 3.x throughout the codebase.
2010-09-14 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* OpenSSL/crypto/netscape_spki.c: Fix an off-by-one mistake in the
error handling for NetscapeSPKI.verify. Add additional error
checking to NetscapeSPKI.sign to handle the case where there is no
private key.
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509.c: Fix an overflow bug in the subject_name_hash
method of the X509 type which would cause it to return negative
values on 32 bit systems.
* OpenSSL/crypto/x509req.c: Fix an off-by-one mistake in the error
handling for X509Req.verify.
* OpenSSL/ssl/context.c: Fix the error handling in the load_tmp_dh
method of the Context type which would cause it to always raise
MemoryError, regardless of the actual error (such as a bad file
* OpenSSL/test/: Numerous unit tests added, both for above fixes
and for other previously untested code paths.
2010-07-27 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Re-arrange the repository so that the package can be built and
used in-place without requiring installation.
2010-02-27 James Yonan <>
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Added crypto.sign and crypto.verify methods
that wrap EVP_Sign and EVP_Verify function families, using code
derived from Dave Cridland's PyOpenSSL branch.
* test/ Added unit tests for crypto.sign and
2010-01-27 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/connection.c, src/util.h: Apply patch from Sandro Tosi to
fix misspellings of "compatibility".
2009-11-13 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.10
2009-11-07 Žiga Seilnacht, Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/connection.c, src/ssl/context.c: Add set_client_ca_list,
add_client_ca, and get_client_ca_list to Context for manipulating
the list of certificate authority names which are sent by servers
with the certificate request message.
* src/util.h: Add ssize-related defines if the version of Python
being used does not have them.
* Significant changes to the way Windows builds are done,
particularly the way OpenSSL headers and libraries are found (with
the new --with-openssl argument to build_ext).
2009-08-27 Rick Dean <>, Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/pkcs12.c: Add setters to the PKCS12 type for the
certificate, private key, ca certificate list, and friendly
name, and add a getter for the friendly name. Also add a method
for exporting a PKCS12 object as a string.
* test/ Add lots of additional tests for the PKCS12
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: Documentation for the new PKCS12 methods.
2009-07-17 Rick Dean <>, Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509ext.c: Add subject and issuer parameters to
X509Extension, allowing creation of extensions which require that
information. Fixes LP#322813.
2009-07-16 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/ Changed the base TestCase's tearDown to assert that
no errors were left in the OpenSSL error queue by the test.
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Add a private helper in support of the
TestCase.tearDown change.
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Changed X509Name's getattr implementation
to clean up the error queue. Fixes LP#314814.
* test/util.c: Changed flush_error_queue to avoid a reference
counting bug caused by macro expansion.
2009-07-16 Rick Dean <>
* src/rand.c: Added OpenSSL.rand.bytes to get random bytes directly.
* src/util.c: Added generic exceptions_from_error_queue to replace
the various other implementations of this function. Also updated
the rest of the codebase to use this version instead.
2009-07-05 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/, test/, test/ Fold the
Python 2.3 compatibility TestCase mixin into the TestCase defined
2009-07-05 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/, test/, test/ Stop trying
to use Twisted's TestCase even when it's available. Instead,
always use the stdlib TestCase with a few enhancements.
2009-07-04 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Changed most extension types so that they can be instantiated
using the type object rather than a factory function. The old
factory functions are now aliases for the type objects.
Fixes LP#312786.
2009-05-27 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Changed all docstrings in extension modules to be friendlier
towards Python programmers. Fixes LP#312787.
2009-05-27 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509ext.c: Correctly deallocate the new Extension
instance when there is an error initializing it and it is not
going to be returned. Resolves LP#368043.
2009-05-11 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/ Use binary mode for the pipe to talk to the
external openssl binary. The data being transported over this
pipe is indeed binary, so previously it would often be truncated
or otherwise mangled.
* src/ssl/connection.h, src/ssl/connection.c, test/
Extend the Connection class with support for in-memory BIOs. This
allows SSL to be run without a real socket, useful for
implementing EAP-TLS or using SSL with Windows IO completion
ports, for example. Based heavily on contributions from Rick
2009-04-25 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.9
2009-04-01 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
Samuele Pedroni <>
* src/util.h: Delete the TLS key before trying to set a new value
for it in case the current thread identifier is a recycled one (if
it is recycled, the key won't be set because there is already a
value from the previous thread to have this identifier and to use
the pyOpenSSL API).
2009-04-01 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Add FILETYPE_TEXT for dumping keys and
certificates and certificate signature requests to a text format.
2008-12-31 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509ext.c, test/ Add the get_short_name
method to X509Extension based on patch from Alex Stapleton.
2008-12-31 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509ext.c, test/ Fix X509Extension so
that it is possible to instantiate extensions which use s2i or r2i
instead of v2i (an extremely obscure extension implementation
2008-12-30 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
*, src/crypto/crypto.c, src/crypto/x509.c,
src/crypto/x509name.c, src/rand/rand.c, src/ssl/context.c: Changes
which eliminate compiler warnings but should not change any
2008-12-28 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/, src/ssl/ssl.c: Expose DTLS-related constants,
2008-12-28 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Add a capath parameter to
Context.load_verify_locations to allow Python code to specify
either or both arguments to the underlying
SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations API.
* src/ssl/context.c: Add Context.set_default_verify_paths, a wrapper
around SSL_CTX_set_default_verify_paths.
2008-12-28 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* test/, src/crypto/x509req.c: Added get_version and
set_version_methods to X509ReqType based on patch from Wouter van
Bommel. Resolves LP#274418.
2008-09-22 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.8
2008-10-19 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Revert the deprecation of the thread-safe Connection
wrapper. The Connection class should not segfault if used from
multiple threads now, but it generally cannot be relied on to
produce correct results if used without the thread-safe wrapper.
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: Correct the documentation for the set_passwd_cb
callback parameter so that it accurately describes the required
2008-09-22 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.8a1
2008-09-21 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/ssl.h, src/ssl/ssl.c: Add a thread-local storage key
which will be used to store and retrieve PyThreadState pointers
whenever it is necessary to release or re-acquire the GIL.
* src/ssl/context.c: Change global_verify_callback so that it
unconditionally manipulates the Python threadstate, rather than
checking the tstate field which is now always NULL.
2008-04-26 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Change global_passphrase_callback and
global_info_callback so that they acquire the GIL before
invoking any CPython APIs and do not release it until after they
are finished invoking all of them (based heavily on on patch
from Dan Williams).
* src/ssl/crypto.c: Initialize OpenSSL thread support so that it
is valid to use OpenSSL APIs from more than one thread (based on
patch from Dan Williams).
* test/ Add tests for load_privatekey and
dump_privatekey when a passphrase or a passphrase callback is
* test/ Add tests for Context.set_passwd_cb and
2008-04-11 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Release 0.7
2008-03-26 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Add X509Name.get_components
2008-03-25 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Add hash and der methods to X509Name.
* src/crypto/x509.c: Fix a bug in X509.get_notBefore and
X509.get_notAfter preventing UTCTIME format timestamps from
2008-03-12 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* Fix coding problems in examples/. Remove keys and certificates
and add a note about how to generate new ones.
2008-03-09 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509.c: Add getters and setters for the notBefore and
notAfter attributes of X509s.
* src/crypto/pkey.h, src/crypto/pkey.c, src/crypto/x509req.c,
src/crypto/x509.c: Track the initialized and public/private state
of EVP_PKEY structures underlying the crypto_PKeyObj type and
reject X509Req signature operations on keys not suitable for the
2008-03-06 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Fix tp_compare so it only returns -1, 0, or
1. This eliminates a RuntimeWarning emitted by Python.
* src/crypto/x509req.c: Fix reference counting for X509Name returned
by X509Req.get_subject. This removes a segfault when the subject
name outlives the request object.
* src/crypto/x509.c: Change get_serial_number and set_serial_number
to accept Python longs.
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: A number of minor corrections.
2008-03-03 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Expose X509_verify_cert_error_string. (patch
from Victor Stinner)
2008-02-22 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/connection.c src/ssl/context.c src/ssl/ssl.c: Fix
compilation on Windows. (patch from Michael Schneider)
2008-02-21 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/connection.c: Expose SSL_get_shutdown and
SSL_set_shutdown. (patch from James Knight)
(patch from James Knight)
2008-02-19 Jean-Paul Calderone <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Expose SSL_CTX_add_extra_chain_cert.
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Fix memory leaks in __getattr__ and
__setattr_ implementations.
* src/crypto/x509.c: Fix memory leak in X509.get_pubkey().
* leakcheck/: An attempt at a systematic approach to leak
2004-08-13 Martin Sjögren <>
* Released version 0.6.
2004-08-11 Martin Sjögren <>
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: Updates to the docs.
2004-08-10 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/x509.c: Add X509.add_extensions based on a patch
from Han S. Lee.
* src/ssl/ssl.c: Add more SSL_OP_ constants. Patch from Mihai
2004-08-09 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/: Add support for Netscape SPKI extensions
based on a patch from Tollef Fog Heen.
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Add support for python passphrase callbacks
based on a patch from Robert Olson.
2004-08-03 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Applied patch from Frederic Peters to add
* src/crypto/x509.c: Applid patch from Tollef Fog Heen to add
X509.subject_name_hash and X509.digest.
2004-08-02 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/crypto.c src/ssl/ssl.c: Applied patch from Bastian
Kleineidam to fix full names of exceptions.
2004-07-19 Martin Sjögren <>
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: Fix the errors regarding X509Name's field names.
2004-07-18 Martin Sjögren <>
* examples/ Fixed wrong attributes in doc string, thanks
Remy. (SFbug#913315)
*,, Add __version__, as suggested by
Ronald Oussoren in SFbug#888729.
* examples/ Fix typos, thanks Mihai Ibanescu. (SFpatch#895820)
2003-01-09 Martin Sjögren <>
* Use cyclic GC protocol in SSL.Connection, SSL.Context, crypto.PKCS12
and crypto.X509Name.
2002-12-02 Martin Sjögren <>
* Add some missing methods.
2002-10-06 Martin Sjögren <>
* Import tsafe too!
2002-10-05 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Use unicode strings instead of ordinary
strings in getattr/setattr. Note that plain ascii strings should
still work.
2002-09-17 Martin Sjögren <>
* Released version 0.5.1.
2002-09-09 Martin Sjögren <>
* setup.cfg: Fixed build requirements for rpms.
2002-09-07 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/connection.c: Fix sendall() method. It segfaulted because
it was too generous about giving away the GIL.
* Added SecureXMLRPCServer example, contributed by Michal Wallace.
2002-09-06 Martin Sjögren <>
* setup.cfg: Updated the build requirements.
* src/ssl/connection.c: Fix includes for AIX.
2002-09-04 Anders Hammarquist <>
* Added type checks in all the other places where we expect
specific types of objects passed.
2002-09-04 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/crypto.c: Added an explicit type check in the dump_*
functions, so that they won't die when e.g. None is passed in.
2002-08-25 Martin Sjögren <>
* doc/pyOpenSSL.tex: Docs for PKCS12.
2002-08-24 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto: Added basic PKCS12 support, thanks to Mark Welch
2002-08-16 Martin Sjögren <>
* D'oh! Fixes for python 1.5 and python 2.1.
2002-08-15 Martin Sjögren <>
* Version 0.5. Yay!
2002-07-25 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Added set_options method.
* src/ssl/ssl.c: Added constants for Context.set_options method.
2002-07-23 Martin Sjögren <>
* Updated docs
* src/ssl/connection.c: Changed the get_cipher_list method to actually
return a list! WARNING: This change makes the API incompatible with
earlier versions!
2002-07-15 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/connection.[ch]: Removed the fileno method, it uses the
transport object's fileno instead.
2002-07-09 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/crypto/x509.c src/crypto/x509name.c: Fixed segfault bug where
you used an X509Name after its X509 had been destroyed.
* src/crypto/crypto.[ch] src/crypto/x509req.c src/crypto/x509ext.[ch]:
Added X509 Extension support. Thanks to maas-Maarten Zeeman
* src/crypto/pkey.c: Added bits() and type() methods.
2002-07-08 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/connection.c: Moved the contents of setup_ssl into the
constructor, thereby fixing some segfault bugs :)
* src/ssl/connection.c: Added connect_ex and sendall methods.
* src/crypto/x509name.c: Cleaned up comparisons and NID lookup.
Thank you Maas-Maarten Zeeman <>
* src/rand/rand.c: Fix RAND_screen import.
* src/crypto/crypto.c src/crypto/pkcs7.[ch]: Added PKCS7 management,
courtesy of Maas-Maarten Zeeman <>
* src/crypto/x509req.c: Added verify method.
2002-06-17 Martin Sjögren <>
* rpm/, setup.cfg: Added improved RPM-building stuff, thanks to
Mihai Ibanescu <>
2002-06-14 Martin Sjögren <>
* examples/ Example code for using OpenSSL through a proxy
contributed by Mihai Ibanescu <>
* Updated installation instruction and added them to the TeX manual.
2002-06-13 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/context.c: Changed global_verify_callback so that it uses
PyObject_IsTrue instead of requiring ints.
* Added pymemcompat.h to make the memory management uniform and
* src/util.h: Added conditional definition of PyModule_AddObject and
* src/ssl/connection.c: Socket methods are no longer explicitly
wrapped. fileno() is the only method the transport layer object HAS
to support, but if you want to use connect, accept or sock_shutdown,
then the transport layer object has to supply connect, accept
and shutdown respectively.
2002-06-12 Martin Sjögren <>
* Changed comments to docstrings that are visible in Python.
* src/ssl/connection.c: Added set_connect_state and set_accept_state
methods. Thanks to Mark Welch <> for this.
2002-06-11 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/connection.c: accept and connect now use SSL_set_accept_state
and SSL_set_connect_state respectively, instead of SSL_accept and
* src/ssl/connection.c: Added want_read and want_write methods.
2002-06-05 Martin Sjögren <>
* src/ssl/connection.c: Added error messages for windows. The code is
copied from Python's socketmodule.c. Ick.
* src/ssl/connection.c: Changed the parameters to the SysCallError. It
always has a tuple (number, string) now, even though the number
might not always be useful.
2002-04-05 Martin Sjögren <>
* Worked more on the Debian packaging, hopefully the packages
are getting into the main Debian archive soon.
2002-01-10 Martin Sjögren <>
* Worked some more on the Debian packaging, it's turning out real
* Changed format on this file, I'm going to try to be a bit more
verbose about my changes, and this format makes it easier.
2002-01-08 Martin Sjögren <>
* Version 0.4.1
* Added some example code
* Added the thread safe Connection object in the 'tsafe' submodule
* New Debian packaging
2001-08-09 Martin Sjögren <>
* Version 0.4
* Added a compare function for X509Name structures.
* Moved the submodules to separate .so files, with tiny C APIs so they
can communicate
* Skeletal OpenSSL/
* Removed the err submodule, use crypto.Error and SSL.Error instead
2001-08-06 Martin Sjögren <>
* Version 0.3
* Added more types for dealing with certificates (X509Store, X509Req,
* Functionality to load private keys, certificates and certificate
requests from memory buffers, and store them too
* X509 and X509Name objects can now be modified as well, very neat when
creating certificates ;)
* Added SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY to smooth things for blocking sockets
* Added a sock_shutdown() method to the Connection type
* I don't understand why, but I can't use Py_InitModule() to create
submodules in Python 2.0, the interpreter segfaults on the cleanup
process when I do. I added a conditional compile on the version
number, falling back to my own routine. It would of course be nice to
investigate what is happening, but I don't have the time to do so
* Do INCREF on the type objects before inserting them in the
dictionary, so they will never reach refcount 0 (they are, after all,
statically allocated)
2001-07-30 Martin Sjögren <>
* Version 0.2
* Lots of tweaking and comments in the code
* Now uses distutils instead of the stupid Setup file
* Hacked doc/tools/mkhowto, html generation should now work
2001-07-16 Martin Sjögren <>
* Initial release (0.1, don't expect much from this one :-)
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