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Examples -- Certificate generation module

Example module with three functions:

Create a public/private key pair.
Create a certificate request.
Create a certificate given a cert request.

In fact, I created the certificates and keys in the 'simple' directory with the script

simple -- Simple client/server example

Start the server with:

python PORT

and start clients with:

python HOST PORT

The server is a simple echo server, anything a client sends, it sends back. -- Example of an SSL-enabled proxy

The proxy example demonstrate how to use set_connect_state to start talking SSL over an already connected socket.


python server[:port] proxy[:port]

Contributed by Mihai Ibanescu -- SSL-enabled version of SimpleXMLRPCServer

Acts exactly like SimpleXMLRPCServer from the Python standard library, but uses secure connections. The technique and classes should work for any SocketServer style server. However, the code has not been extensively tested.

Contributed by Michal Wallace