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PyCantonese: Cantonese Linguistics and NLP in Python

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Download and install

PyCantonese is available through pip:

$ pip install -U pycantonese

Setting up a Development Environment

The latest code under development is available on Github at pycantonese/pycantonese. To obtain this version for experimental features or for development:

$ git clone
$ cd pycantonese
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
$ python develop

To run tests:

$ py.test -vv --cov pycantonese pycantonese
$ flake8 pycantonese


Developer: Jackson L. Lee

A talk introducing PyCantonese:

Lee, Jackson L. 2015. PyCantonese: Cantonese linguistic research in the age of big data. Talk at the Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong. September 15. 2015. Notes+slides

Please also see

Change Log

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MIT License. Please see LICENSE.txt for details.

The HKCanCor dataset included in PyCantonese is substantially modified from its source in terms of format. The original dataset has a CC BY license. Please see pycantonese/data/hkcancor/ for details.