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Issues: pycaret/pycaret

Time Series Module Features & Roadmap
#1648 opened Oct 3, 2021 by ngupta23
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Issues list

[BUG]: fit_kwargs parameters break pycaret.time_series.compare_models() bug time_series
#2836 opened Aug 8, 2022 by tbellamey
3 tasks done
[BUG]: outliers_method setup() got an unexpected keyword argument 'outliers_method' bug
#2828 opened Aug 5, 2022 by Prashavu
2 of 3 tasks
[BUG]: Jupyter-Lab - evaluate_model(best) Issue? bug
#2825 opened Aug 4, 2022 by msdumanlc
2 of 3 tasks
[BUG]: azureml experiment registry organization bug
#2823 opened Aug 4, 2022 by alejandroLlorentePiperLab
3 tasks done
[DOC]: tutorial link problem documentation time_series
#2814 opened Aug 1, 2022 by diligejy
1 task done
pycaret 3.0.0rc4
[BUG]: raw_score = True removes the score column completely bug classification
#2813 opened Aug 1, 2022 by AmandaAll
3 tasks done
[BUG]: mlflow incorrectly logging models "Lasso Least Angle Regression" and "Least Angle Regression" bug mlflow
#2811 opened Jul 30, 2022 by TahaSha
3 tasks done
[BUG]: evaluate_model results don't show up in databricks bug evaluate_model
#2804 opened Jul 27, 2022 by moazkh60
3 tasks done
[BUG]: create_api errors! bug create_api
#2803 opened Jul 26, 2022 by celestinoxp
3 tasks done
pycaret 3.0.0rc4
[BUG]: pycaret + mlflow integration does not allow probabilities for classification and binary response models bug mlflow
#2801 opened Jul 26, 2022 by DerekKane
2 of 3 tasks
[BUG]: Cannot specify bracketed column names in target at setup() bug setup
#2800 opened Jul 26, 2022 by nockn
2 of 3 tasks
[BUG]: fix_imbalance=True hides metric output of compare_models. bug compare_models
#2796 opened Jul 24, 2022 by AJ5PY
2 of 3 tasks
[ENH]: Anomaly - need to include seasonality anomaly_detection enhancement
#2795 opened Jul 24, 2022 by BalasubramaniamDakshinamoorthi
[BUG]: Regression Compare Models only returning LightGBM and Dummy bug compare_models
#2789 opened Jul 22, 2022 by isaiahxcruz
2 of 3 tasks
[ENH]: create useful features for machine learning enhancement
#2778 opened Jul 19, 2022 by celestinoxp
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