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from datetime import datetime
import unittest
import uuid
import pycassa.types as types
from pycassa import index, ColumnFamily, ConnectionPool, \
ColumnFamilyMap, NotFoundException, SystemManager
from import assert_raises, assert_equal, assert_true
from nose.plugins.skip import SkipTest
CF = 'Standard1'
SCF = 'Super1'
INDEXED_CF = 'Indexed1'
pool = None
sys_man = None
def setup_module():
global pool, sys_man
credentials = {'username': 'jsmith', 'password': 'havebadpass'}
pool = ConnectionPool(keyspace='PycassaTestKeyspace', credentials=credentials)
sys_man = SystemManager()
def teardown_module():
class TestUTF8(object):
key = types.LexicalUUIDType()
strcol = types.AsciiType(default='default')
intcol = types.LongType(default=0)
floatcol = types.FloatType(default=0.0)
datetimecol = types.DateType()
def __str__(self):
return str(map(str, [self.strcol, self.intcol, self.floatcol, self.datetimecol]))
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.__dict__ == other.__dict__
def __ne__(self, other):
return self.__dict__ != other.__dict__
class TestIndex(object):
birthdate = types.LongType(default=0)
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.__dict__ == other.__dict__
def __ne__(self, other):
return self.__dict__ != other.__dict__
class TestEmpty(object):
class TestColumnFamilyMap(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self): = ColumnFamilyMap(TestUTF8, pool, CF)
self.indexed_map = ColumnFamilyMap(TestIndex, pool, INDEXED_CF)
self.empty_map = ColumnFamilyMap(TestEmpty, pool, CF, raw_columns=True)
def tearDown(self):
for instance in
for instance in self.indexed_map.get_range():
def instance(self):
instance = TestUTF8()
instance.key = uuid.uuid4()
instance.strcol = '1'
instance.intcol = 2
instance.floatcol = 3.5
instance.datetimecol =
return instance
def test_empty(self):
key = uuid.uuid4()
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, key)
assert_equal(len([key])), 0)
def test_insert_get(self):
instance = self.instance()
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, instance.key)
ts =
assert_true(isinstance(ts, (int, long)))
assert_equal(, instance)
def test_insert_get_omitting_columns(self):
When omitting columns, pycassa should not try to insert the CassandraType
instance on a ColumnFamilyMap object
instance2 = TestUTF8()
instance2.key = uuid.uuid4()
instance2.strcol = 'lol'
instance2.intcol = 2
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, instance2.key)
ret_inst =
assert_equal(ret_inst.key, instance2.key)
assert_equal(ret_inst.strcol, instance2.strcol)
assert_equal(ret_inst.intcol, instance2.intcol)
## these lines are commented out because, though they should work, wont
## because CassandraTypes are not descriptors when used on a ColumnFamilyMap
## instance, they are merely class attributes that are overwritten at runtime
# assert_equal(ret_inst.floatcol, instance2.floatcol)
# assert_equal(ret_inst.datetimecol, instance2.datetimecol)
# assert_equal(, instance2)
def test_insert_get_indexed_slices(self):
instance1 = TestIndex()
instance1.key = 'key1'
instance1.birthdate = 1L
instance2 = TestIndex()
instance2.key = 'key2'
instance2.birthdate = 1L
instance3 = TestIndex()
instance3.key = 'key3'
instance3.birthdate = 2L
expr = index.create_index_expression(column_name='birthdate', value=2L)
clause = index.create_index_clause([expr])
result = self.indexed_map.get_indexed_slices(index_clause=clause)
count = 0
for instance in result:
assert_equal(instance, instance3)
count += 1
assert_equal(count, 1)
def test_insert_multiget(self):
instance1 = self.instance()
instance2 = self.instance()
missing_key = uuid.uuid4()
rows =[instance1.key, instance2.key, missing_key])
assert_equal(len(rows), 2)
assert_equal(rows[instance1.key], instance1)
assert_equal(rows[instance2.key], instance2)
assert_true(missing_key not in rows)
def test_insert_get_range(self):
if sys_man.describe_partitioner() == 'RandomPartitioner':
raise SkipTest('Cannot use RandomPartitioner for this test')
instances = [self.instance() for i in range(5)]
instances = sorted(instances, key=lambda instance: instance.key)
for instance in instances:
rows = list([0].key, finish=instances[-1].key))
assert_equal(len(rows), len(instances))
assert_equal(rows, instances)
def test_remove(self):
instance = self.instance()
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, instance.key)
def test_does_not_insert_extra_column(self):
instance = self.instance()
instance.othercol = 'Test'
get_instance =
assert_equal(get_instance.strcol, instance.strcol)
assert_equal(get_instance.intcol, instance.intcol)
assert_equal(get_instance.floatcol, instance.floatcol)
assert_equal(get_instance.datetimecol, instance.datetimecol)
assert_raises(AttributeError, getattr, get_instance, 'othercol')
def test_has_defaults(self):
key = uuid.uuid4()
ColumnFamily.insert(, key, {'strcol': '1'})
instance =
assert_equal(instance.intcol, TestUTF8.intcol.default)
assert_equal(instance.floatcol, TestUTF8.floatcol.default)
assert_equal(instance.datetimecol, TestUTF8.datetimecol.default)
def test_batch_insert(self):
instances = []
for i in range(3):
instance = TestUTF8()
instance.key = uuid.uuid4()
instance.strcol = 'instance%s' % (i + 1)
for i in instances:
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, i.key)
for i in instances:
get_instance =
assert_equal(get_instance.key, i.key)
assert_equal(get_instance.strcol, i.strcol)
class TestSuperColumnFamilyMap(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self): = ColumnFamilyMap(TestUTF8, pool, SCF)
def tearDown(self):
for scols in
for instance in scols.values():
def instance(self, super_column):
instance = TestUTF8()
instance.key = uuid.uuid4()
instance.super_column = super_column
instance.strcol = '1'
instance.intcol = 2
instance.floatcol = 3.5
instance.datetimecol =
return instance
def test_super(self):
instance = self.instance('super1')
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, instance.key)
res =[instance.super_column]
assert_equal(res, instance)
assert_equal([instance.key])[instance.key][instance.super_column], instance)
assert_equal(list(, finish=instance.key)), [{instance.super_column: instance}])
def test_super_remove(self):
instance1 = self.instance('super1')
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, instance1.key)
instance2 = self.instance('super2')
assert_equal(len(, 1)
assert_equal([instance1.super_column], instance1)
def test_batch_insert_super(self):
instances = []
for i in range(3):
instance = self.instance('super_batch%s' % (i + 1))
for i in instances:
assert_raises(NotFoundException,, i.key)
for i in instances:
result =
get_instance = result[i.super_column]
assert_equal(len(result), 1)
assert_equal(get_instance.key, i.key)
assert_equal(get_instance.super_column, i.super_column)
assert_equal(get_instance.strcol, i.strcol)
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