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Changes in Version 1.0.5
* Assume port 9160 if only a hostname is given
* Remove super_column param from pycassa.columnfamily.ColumnFamily.get_indexed_slices()
* Enable failover on functions that previously lacked it
* Increase base backoff time to 0.01 seconds
* Add a timeout parameter to pycassa.system_manager.SystemManger
* Return timestamp on single-column inserts
Changes in Version 1.0.4
* Fixed threadlocal issues that broke multithreading
* Fix bug in pycassa.columnfamily.ColumnFamily.remove() when a super_column
argument is supplied
* Fix minor PoolLogger logging bugs
* Added pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.describe_partitioner()
* Added pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.describe_snitch()
* Added pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.get_keyspace_properties()
* Renamed pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.get_keyspace_description()
to pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.get_keyspace_column_families()
and deprecated the previous name
* Moved pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.describe_keyspace() and
pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.describe_column_family() to
pycassaShell describe_keyspace() and describe_column_family()
Changes in Version 1.0.3
* Fixed supercolumn slice bug in get()
* pycassaShell now runs scripts with execfile to allow for multiline statements
* 2.4 compatability fixes
Changes in Version 1.0.2
* Failover handles a greater set of potential failures
* pycassaShell now loads/reloads pycassa.columnfamily.ColumnFamily instances when the underlying column family is created or updated
* Added an option to pycassaShell to run a script after startup
* Added pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.list_keyspaces()
Changes in Version 1.0.1
* Allow pycassaShell to be run without specifying a keyspace
* Added pycassa.system_manager.SystemManager.describe_schema_versions()
Changes in Version 1.0.0
* Created the SystemManager class to allow for keyspace, column family, and
index creation, modification, and deletion. These operations are no longer
provided by a Connection class.
* Updated pycassaShell to use the SystemManager class
* Improved retry behavior, including exponential backoff and proper resetting
of the retry attempt counter
* Condensed connection pooling classes into only pycassa.pool.ConnectionPool
to provide a simpler API
* Changed pycassa.connection.connect() to return a connection pool
* Use more performant Thrift API methods for insert() and get() where possible
* Bundled OrderedDict and set it as the default dictionary class for column families
* Provide better TypeError feedback when columns are the wrong type
* Use Thrift API 19.4.0
Changes in Version 0.5.4
* Allow for more backward and forward compatibility
* Mark a server as being down more quickly in Connection
Changes in Version 0.5.3
* Added PooledColumnFamily, which makes it easy to use connection pooling
automatically with a ColumnFamily.
Changes in Version 0.5.2
* Support for adding/updating/dropping Keyspaces and CFs in pycassa.connection.Connection
* get_range() optimization and more configurable batch size
* batch get_indexed_slices() similar to get_range()
* Reorganized pycassa logging
* More efficient packing of data types
* Fix error condition that results in infinite recursion
* Limit pooling retries to only appropriate exceptions
* Use Thrift API 19.3.0
Changes in Version 0.5.1
* Automatically detect if a column family is a standard column family or a super column family
* multiget_count() support
* Allow preservation of key order in multiget() if an ordered dictionary is used
* Convert timestamps to v1 UUIDs where appropriate
* pycassaShell documentation
* Use Thrift API 17.1.0
Changes in Version 0.5.0
* Connection Pooling support: pycassa.pool
* Started moving logging to pycassa.logger
* Use Thrift API 14.0.0
Changes in Version 0.4.3
* Autopack on CF’s default_validation_class
* Use Thrift API 13.0.0
Changes in Version 0.4.2
* Added batch mutations interface: pycassa.batch
* Made bundled thrift-gen code a subpackage of pycassa
* Don’t attempt to reencode already encoded UTF8 strings
Changes in Version 0.4.1
* Added batch_insert()
* Redifined insert() in terms of batch_insert()
* Fixed UTF8 autopacking
* Convert datetime slice args to uuids when appropriate
* Changed how thrift-gen code is bundled
* Assert that the major version of the thrift API is the same on the client
and on the server
* Use Thrift API 12.0.0
Changes in Version 0.4.0
* Added pycassaShell, a simple interactive shell
* Converted the test config from xml to yaml
* fixed overflow error on get_count()
* Only insert columns which exist in the model object
* Make ColumnFamilyMap not ignore the ColumnFamily’s dict_class
* Specify keyspace as argument to connect()
* Add support for framed transport and default to using it
* Added autopacking for column names and values
* Added support for secondary indexes with get_indexed_slices() and
* Added truncate()
* Use Thrift API 11.0.0
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