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pycassa |release| Documentation

pycassa is a Python client for Apache Cassandra. The latest release of pycassa is fully compatible with Cassandra 0.8 to 1.1, and is compatible with the data API of Cassandra 0.7.

pycassa is open source under the MIT license. The source code repository for pycassa can be found on Github.


How to install pycassa.
A short overview of pycassa usage.
The pycassa API documentation.
:doc:`Assorted Functionality <assorted/index>`
How to work with various Cassandra and pycassa features.
How to use pycassa with other projects, including eventlet and Celery.
The changelog for every version of pycassa.
Notes for developing pycassa itself.


Mailing Lists


Bugs and feature requests for pycassa are currently tracked through the github issue tracker.


You are encouraged to offer any contributions or ideas you have. Contributing to the documentation or examples, reporting bugs, requesting features, and (of course) improving the code are all equally welcome. To contribute, fork the project on github and make a pull request.

About This Documentation

This documentation is generated using the Sphinx documentation generator. The source files for the documentation are located in the doc/ directory of pycassa. To generate the documentation, run the following command from the root directory of pycassa:

$ python doc
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