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1 parent 23e51a7 commit 43cbf0ea9f64ce3680eb5f7c7e1d0ba9ab3065f4 @thobbs thobbs committed Sep 14, 2011
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@@ -84,12 +84,12 @@
# The name of an image file (within the static path) to use as favicon of the
# docs. This file should be a Windows icon file (.ico) being 16x16 or 32x32
# pixels large.
-#html_favicon = None
+html_favicon = 'favicon.ico'
# Add any paths that contain custom static files (such as style sheets) here,
# relative to this directory. They are copied after the builtin static files,
# so a file named "default.css" will overwrite the builtin "default.css".
-#html_static_path = ['_static']
+html_static_path = ['_static']
# Custom sidebar templates, maps document names to template names.
#html_sidebars = {}

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