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Add docs for start_token, end_token

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@@ -889,6 +889,13 @@ def get_range(self, start="", finish="", columns=None, column_start="",
order of the MD5 hash of their keys, so getting a lexicographical range
of keys is not feasible.
+ In place of `start` and `finish`, you may use `start_token` and
+ `end_token` or a combination of `start` and `end_token`. In this
+ case, you are specifying a token range to fetch instead of a key
+ range. This can be useful for fetching all data owned
+ by a node or for parallelizing a full data set scan. Otherwise,
+ you should typically just use `start` and `finish`.
The `row_count` parameter limits the total number of rows that may be
returned. If left as ``None``, the number of rows that may be returned
is unlimted (this is the default).

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