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key_validation_class = Int32Type doesn't do what is says in the reference #165

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Something annoying I wasted half an hour over, is that adding 'key_validation_class = Int32Type' doesn't actually change the bytes you send to cassandra, not in 1.6 anyway. A little demo:

    # This will work
    col_site = ColumnFamily(pool, 'Sites' , autopack_keys = False)
    site_id = Int32Type().pack(435)
    print len(site_id)
    print col_site.get(site_id , columns = ["domain"])

    # This will fail
    col_site = ColumnFamily(pool, 'Sites' , key_validation_class = Int32Type)
    print col_site.get(435 , columns = ["domain"])

    # This will fail too
    col_site = ColumnFamily(pool, 'Sites' , key_validation_class = Int32Type())
    print col_site.get(435 , columns = ["domain"])

Am I missing something, or is it really a bug?


key_validation_class isn't a recognized kwarg, only a property on ColumnFamily objects. Is there somewhere in the documentation that says otherwise (so that I can fix it)?

For backwards compatibility reasons, there are some extra accepted keyword arguments. However, I see that the way those are being handled doesn't raise any type of Exception when an invalid kwarg is used, which is definitely a bug. I'll get that fixed.

@thobbs thobbs closed this in 7df4c01
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