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token support in get_range #170

jjengla opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

jjengla John R. Frank

The call to get_range_slices() in get_range() currently takes a KeyRange that can only be defined by start_key, end_key, and count. I've got a use case that would greatly benefit from defining start_token and end_token in that KeyRange. I'm currently doing this directly via Thrift but the pycassa interface is much nicer

John R. Frank

I think this feature would also solve this question:

jjengla -- could you share your code for doing this directly via Thrift?

John R. Frank

We are MIT students running TREC KBA

Any pointers in the right direction for this would be very much appreciated --- CQL or other.

Tyler Hobbs thobbs closed this issue from a commit
pilate pilate Allow ranging over ring tokens
Would close #170
Tyler Hobbs thobbs closed this in 97cfd5a
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