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There are plans to support python3? #178

niwibe opened this Issue · 12 comments

12 participants

Andrey Antukh Tyler Hobbs Sébastien Béal Philip Southam Mark Lewandowski John O'Connor Gerald Kaszuba soda24 Marat Mavlyutov uskratos wayne606 Sebastian Hanula
Andrey Antukh

No description provided.

Tyler Hobbs

There is nothing planned yet, as there hasn't been a lot of interest, and the Thrift library would need to be ported to python3 as well. If anybody else is interested in this, I'll leave the ticket open for comments.

Sébastien Béal

I would be interested.

Philip Southam

+1 for python 3

Mark Lewandowski

+3 for Python 3

John O'Connor


Gerald Kaszuba
gak commented



+1 it would be great if pycassa supports python 3

Marat Mavlyutov



Definitely would be nice

Sebastian Hanula


Tyler Hobbs

Thanks for all of your input. This weighed heavily in my decision to add Python 3 support to the native protocol driver for Cassandra (datastax/python-driver#96). If anybody who commented on this thread could give this branch a review or test run, I would greatly appreciate it:

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to also add Python 3 support to pycassa (which would involve adding Python 3 support to Thrift). I'll certainly accept any pull requests that add Python 3 support to pycassa, but for now I'm going to close this.

Tyler Hobbs thobbs closed this
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