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Add pycassa.cassandra.c11 thrift API #158

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This adds the new thrift API from Cassandra 1.1. To be exact 1.1.0 or "19.30.0". There's already a new 19.32.0 available in Cassandra 1.1.1 - but the slightly older version has been used to retain maximum compatibility - especially since there's no Cassandra 1.1.1 version at yet.

The imports in pycassa.cassandra.ttypes and pycassa.connection still use c10 instead of c11. There's test failures with c11, as a number of types have seen changes. For example related to caching as per

I'll try to look into supporting the new caching option on column families next, without impacting backwards compatibility. I haven't updated the changelog, as it looks like this is done once prior to release.


With DSC 1.1.1 being available, I updated the API to that version. I also added some documentation to explain the Thrift generation process to new contributors like me - or as a reminder to seasoned developers.

Feel free to merge only parts of this pull request or provide any other kind of feedback.


And finally changed the imports, making c11 the default version. I also added the new caching argument of column families and tested it and the prior version via row_cache_size etc.


Changes are in master now. Thanks again for your contributions!

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