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Travis-ci CI setup #173

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This adds the spec file required for travis-ci to work.

I've limited emails to myself for now, to make sure the tests run and report actual errors (instead of problems with the build system).

This will only work once the travis-ci hooks are enabled for the Github repo.

@thobbs thobbs merged commit efe0dd9 into pycassa:master

Sorry for taking a while to get that merged in! Thanks again.


@thobbs sure, thx for merging. But did you enable the hooks? Easiest way is to log into travis-ci with your github account and go to your profile ( Select the pycassa organization on the left and switch the pycassa project to on on the right.

Or give me admin access to the pycassa repo and I'll do it :-)


I just gave you admin access. I'm not that familiar with Travis, so I'll let you set it up the right way :)


Thx. I think I have push rights now. But I don't see the admin link in the github UI. Are you sure you got me admin/owner access?


Ah, I needed to convert the account to an organization. Should be good to go now.


Yeah, all working build 1 passed -!/pycassa/pycassa

A new job will run after each commit and for each pull request. If this proves to be stable, I can change email notifications to annoy more people.


Perfect, thanks! Feel free to add me to email notifications at any time.

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+language: python
+ - "2.5"
+ - "2.6"
+ - "2.7"
+ email:
+ -
+ - sudo service cassandra start
+ - sleep 3
+ - sudo service cassandra status
+ - python develop
+ - nosetests -v
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