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We needed to use DynamicCompositeTypes for our project so I went ahead and added support for it in Pycassa. I wanted to contribute back as a way to say thanks and in the hopes that some others may find it useful.

Usage is very similar to the way CompositeTypes work, except that every component is a 2-tuple (comparator type, value). The comparator type can either be a full CassandraType or an alias, if one was given when the column family was created.

In order to create a column family with aliases, simply create a DynamicCompositeType object with a dictionary of aliases and use that for the comparator.

comparator = DynamicCompositeType({'L': LongType(reversed=True), 'a': AsciiType()})
sys.create_column_family("Keyspace1", "CF1", comparator_type=comparator)

cf = ColumnFamily(pool, "CF1")
comp1 = ('L', 1234)
comp2 = ('a', "abc")
comp3 = ('UTF8Type', "look ma, no hands!")
cf.insert("key", {(comp1, comp2, comp3): "colval"})

Hope this helps!

thobbs commented Jan 8, 2013

Wow, this looks awesome, great work! Thank you very much for taking the time to write tests and good docs.

It will take a little while to review it, but I should be able to get this merged in pretty soon.


Thanks, Tyler. Both, for the kind words, as well as for creating a kick-ass library to begin with.

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