Adding stub objects for ColumnFamily, ConnectionPool, and SystemManager #185

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A functional set of stubs to be used for unit testing.

Projects that use pycassa and need to run an automated unit test suite on a
system like Jenkins can use these stubs to emulate interactions with Cassandra
without spinning up a cluster locally.

Example usage:

>>> from pycassa.contrib.stubs import ColumnFamilyStub, ConnectionPoolStub
>>> p = ConnectionPoolStub('localhost')
>>> cf = ColumnFamilyStub(p, 'TestCF')
>>> 'TestCF' in p.column_families
>>> cf.insert(1234, {'test_column': 5})
>>> cf.insert(5678, {'test_column': 10}, timestamp=5678)
>>> cf.get(1234)
OrderedDict([('test_column', 5)])
>>> cf.get(5678)
OrderedDict([('test_column', 10)])
>>> cf.get(1234, include_timestamp=True)
OrderedDict([('test_column', (5, 1358375073016192))])
>>> cf.get(5678, include_timestamp=True)
OrderedDict([('test_column', (10, 5678))])
>>> from pycassa import index
>>> index_clause = index.create_index_clause([index.create_index_expression('test_column', 6, index.GT)])
>>> cf.get_indexed_slices(index_clause)
[(5678, OrderedDict([('test_column', 10)]))]
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It would be really nice, if there would be tests for these stubs. Otherwise the stubs and real implementation/API might drift without anyone noticing.

@eyalr eyalr Adding unit tests for stubs that ensure the APIs and functionality li…
…ne up. Added some missing functionality to the stub objects as well, to make it more closely line up to the API.
@thobbs thobbs merged commit 957feee into pycassa:master Jan 31, 2013

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Great, thanks again for the contribution!

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