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This page intents to help people translating PyChess for their native language through a service named Transifex.

Getting started

Pychess page in Transifex is this In this page you can see the status of current translations.

To start translating, you'll need a Transifex account. Go to

For more information you can make a Transifex Tour.

Upload your offline translate into Transifex

Transifex has an easy to use web interface for translatin strings, but if you've done a translation offline in another aplication, like poedit, you can upload its contents to Transifex, with the command line transifex client.

Review the translation

If there are translateable strings in PyChess you are not sure how to translate, you can either ask on the mailing list, or download you translation to test how it fits in PyChess.

If you have downloaded the PyChess sources, and the mo file is called, you must place the file in pychess-read-only/lang/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/ . The file will have to be renamed to

Sugestions and comments

For sugestions and comments use mailing list.