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Exporting python module to be used by clojure using libpython-clj
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exporting python modole to be used in clojure with libpython-clj

This project is in an initial stage we expect it to change.


Install the python library you intent to export to clojure.

for example if you wnat to export keras pip install keras or conda install keras

cd src python keras

this will generate folders in output/package/pyclj-0.1-keras-THE_KERAS_VERSION


to get full argument list
python -h

important argument is --sub-modules if for example you want to export keras but you are only interested in functions and classes under models and layers


working examples

  1. Export library to clojars a
  2. Show how to use it in exampled
  3. explain how to use the utility
  4. export python tests and use them over clojure
  5. replace PyInquirer with sompthing that works on python3.6
  6. generate exmple with a test/ exmple project that uses the code
  7. handle properties 8 handle ctype class in python see pandas cdef , cclass cimport

bugs to solve

  1. files are created twice
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