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The majority of the sessing can be specified in both the global config file as wel as the per project file.

Setting Project Global Default Purpose
open_on_start yes yes true Weather to open the terminal and connect to the board when starting Code
address yes yes /something IP address or comport for your device
username yes yes micro Board username, only for telnet
password yes yes python Board password, only for telnet
ctrl_c_on_connect yes yes false If true, executes a ctrl-c on connect to stop running programs
auto_connect no yes true Autoconnect on USB. Ignores any 'address' setting and automatically connects to the top item in the serialport list
autoconnect_comport_manufacturers no yes 'Pycom','Pycom Ltd.','FTDI', 'Microsoft','Microchip Technology, Inc.' Comma separated list of all the comport manufacturers supported for the autoconnect feature. Defaults to all possible manufacturers that pycom boards can return.
sync_folder yes yes "" Folder to synchronize. Empty to sync projects main folder
sync_file_types yes yes "py,txt,log,json,xml,html,js, css,mpy" Types of files to be synchronized
sync_all_file_types yes yes false 'If enabled, all files will be uploaded no matter the file type. The list of file types below will be ignored
py_ignore yes yes [] Comma separated list of files and folders to ignore when uploading (no wildcard or regular expressions supported)
safe_boot_on_upload yes yes false Safe-boot before upload, Only works with firmware v1.16.0.b1 and up. Safe boots the board before uploading to prevent running out of memory while uploading. Especially useful on older boards with less memory, but adds about 2 seconds to the upload procedure'
reboot_after_upload yes yes true Reboots your pycom board after any upload or download action
fast_upload yes yes false Fast upload (experimental), Uses bigger batches and compresses larger (>4kb) files to make uploading faster. Only works on newer devices with 4mb of ram and firmware version >=1.19.x
statusbar_buttons yes yes ['status', 'run', 'upload', 'download', 'disconnect', 'listserial', 'settings', 'projectsettings', 'getversion', 'getssid'] Which quick-access buttons to show in the statusbar.