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PyCon Canada - November 12th & 13th 2012

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Software Carpentry


  • IPython
  • Contact: Fernando Perez
  • Suited for: intermediate to advanced developers. If you have JavaScript/web skills, we'd love to have you participate as the IPython Notebook has a lot of JS and we're a bit in short supply of that kind of skills in the team.

IPython is a large and complex project, so there are multiple roads we could follow. In the interest of being friendly to newcomers to the project, I'd likely focus on the nbconvert tools to convert notebooks to other formats. That project is critically important, smaller and self-contained, so it's a good place to work for just a couple of days.

But I'm open to showing other aspects of the project to interested contributors, of course.

Please add your name below if you'd like to participate.

Tools (profilers, and more)

Help build, port, extend and finish tools for use by other programmers. Almost all of the profiling tools need compatability support for Python 3. Coldshot needs more development to provide the cool new tools it promises. SnakeViz needs performance/robustness improvements in its Javascript/visualization code. If you want to work on a different type of tool, feel free to join in too.

Please add your name below if you'd like to participate.

Not Sure Yet (but I want to sprint)

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