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Room Sharing

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Room Sharing

Do you want to share a room, couch, or floor in Toronto with other attendees? Do you want to find a room, couch, or floor in Toronto? List yourself on this wiki page (login with a github account, then click edit).

  • How many other people you want to share with (if you're offering a room)
  • Which nights you want to share
  • Any other requirements (e.g. gender, smoking, pet allergies)

Please remove yourself from this list once you've found a room.

Caution: Room sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. PyCon Canada takes no responsibility for anything related to room sharing and cannot get involved in any disputes.

I have a room, couch, or floor

Remember that there will be sprints on the 12th and 13th, and even if you are not attending, sprinters might appreciate your couch.

  • (example) Aug. 9th - 13th, 123 Fake Street (15 minutes by public transit), Jane Doe, 1 couch and some floor space, we have cats.

I want a room, couch, or floor

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