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PyCon Canada - August 10th & 11th 2013

Sign Up For Tutorials

The tutorials at PyCon Canada have a very limited capacity. If you're interested in attending one of the PyCon Canada tutorials, please sign-up in advance below. Note that you must already have a ticket to PyCon Canada 2013 to attend.

We will also be using this list to send out any tutorial requirements (things that you should have installed on your laptop before arriving at the tutorial).

Notable Features of Python

by James Powell (2 hour 10 minute tutorial)

Saturday, August 10th 2013 at 10:50 am until 1:00 pm

Decorators, generators, and context managers are among many notable features in Python that also make Python a notable language. This tutorial discusses these features and how they can be used to model problems in a very robust, flexible, and Pythonic way.

Software requirements:


Add your name here:

  1. Brad Sokol
  2. Muhammad Jehanzeb
  3. Pouria Fewzee
  4. Brandon St. Jules
  5. Tim Carter
  6. Vladimir Kroz
  7. Frank Li
  8. Jenny Zhang
  9. Rahul Udasi
  10. Mladen Kovacevic
  11. Tahia Khan
  12. Adnan Khan
  13. Josh Kerbel
  14. Sarah K
  15. Antoine Grondin
  16. Giuliano Bossi
  17. Benny Cheung
  18. Chris Ing
  19. Daniel Lahey
  20. mARK bLOORE
  21. Bert Ji
  22. Rishi Sharma
  23. Alana McKenzie
  24. Yudi Xue
  25. Luke Hutscal
  26. Martine Vong
  27. Matt Okura
  28. Randy Topliffe
  29. Jeff Szusz
  30. Dan Scott
  31. Esteban De Los Santos
  32. Mihai Tabara
  33. Rail Aliiev
  34. Steven Butterworth
  35. Dave Simons
  36. Ryan Easterbrook

Fundamentals of Python Debugging

by Chris Calloway (2 hour 50 minute tutorial)

Saturday, August 10th 2013 at 2:30 pm until 5:20 pm

Python's bdb and pdb modules are the basis not only for debugging from the Python command prompt, but also debugging from any Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) including IDLE. This tutorial explores the principles of debugging for those unfamiliar with the practice, as well as the debugging tools included with Python.

Software requirements:

Python 2.7 or 3.3. A browser.

Add your name here:

  1. Vladimir Kroz
  2. Jenny Zhang
  3. Chris Boothe
  4. Josh Kerbel
  5. Sarah K
  6. Adam Briand
  7. Antoine Grondin
  8. Kym Watts
  9. Giuliano Bossi
  10. Daniel Lahey
  11. Andy Mikula
  12. Luke Hutscal
  13. Rail Aliiev
  14. Rishi Sharma
  15. Bill Mei
  16. Rafal Brzozowski
  17. Nick Gajewski
  18. Julian Comanean
  19. Esteban De Los Santos
  20. Alex Volkov
  21. Mihai Tabara
  22. Jason Schweier
  23. Dave Simons
  24. Kristian Kostecky

Dissecting Memory Mysteries of Python

by Vishal Kanaujia (1 hour 40 minute tutorial)

Sunday, August 11th 2013 at 11:05 am until 12:45 pm

We're sorry to announce that this tutorial has been cancelled. We'll be using the tutorial room for open space at this time!

Sass me up, Scotty

by Ricardo Vazquez (2 hour 50 minute tutorial)

Sunday, August 11th 2013 at 2:15 pm until 5:05 pm

Join Ricardo Vazquez, UI/UX Designer at 500px, in discovering how to write beautiful CSS. This tutorial will cover one of the most popular preprocessors being used in production websites today. Sass uses the power of Ruby conventions in order to deliver an organized and logical structure to CSS.

Software requirements:

Make sure you have the Sass gem installed on your environment. Follow the instructions here to set up Sass on your machine. Important things to note is to set up syntax highlighting for your text editor. Should you wish to eliminate the use of Terminal, there are some apps for Sass that compile files as you save.

In order to quickly iterate through our examples, a free subscription to is strongly recommended.

Add your name here:

  1. Pouria Fewzee
  2. Vladimir Kroz
  3. Dennis Ideler
  4. Mladen Kovacevic
  5. Tahia Khan
  6. Adnan Khan
  7. Jen Bodner
  8. Debora V.
  9. josh kerbel
  10. Doug Latornell
  11. Antoine Grondin
  12. Gonzalo Vazquez
  13. Daniel Lahey
  14. Yudi Xue
  15. Chayim Kirshen
  16. Jeffrey Cheung
  17. Rishi Sharma
  18. Caroline Simpson
  19. Pranav Dobhal
  20. Razvan Lada-Moldovan
  21. Nick Gajewski
  22. Julian Comanean
  23. Siddharth Jha
  24. Aareet Shermon
  25. Mihai Nicolae
  26. Daniel Ellison
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