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PyCon Canada 2019 Sprints

PyCon Canada Development Sprints is a day of intensive learning and development on an open-source project of your choice, in a team environment. It's time to come together with colleagues, old and new, to share what you've learned and apply it to an open-source project.

PyCon Canada provides the space and infrastructure (network, power, tables & chairs); you bring your skills, humanity, and brainpower (oh! and don't forget your computer).

Enter your sprint here:

  • include links to your project
  • include project contact information
  • include new contributor tickets and on-boarding info
  • include sprint goals
  • encourage people to add their names to your sprint


## My Awesome Project

* <>
* Main Contact: [Sprinter Lead](
* Interested in sprinting on This Project? Add your name:
* [Sprinter One](
* Sprint tasks / issues list:
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