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Yet another event organization app for Django.

Web application written in python (django) to manage event organization.

Features in application (for version 0.1)

  • store multiple Events (conferences, meetups) via admin area
  • manage Sponsors, Speakers (and talks, or workshops) per event via admin area
  • manage schedule via admin area
  • manage orders via admin area
  • call for proposals (speaker and talk registration)
  • volunteer registration
  • show event details (speakers, sponsors)

Work to be done in near future

  • attendees registration (tickets)
  • order details (receipts) in frontend
  • schedule generation in ics calendar format
  • automated payments processing (PayPal, FIO bank)
  • attendees registration on premise

Quick start

There is example directory, that provides a convenience feature to allow potential users to try the app straight from the app repo without having to create a django project. It can also be used to develop the app in place. You can read more in inside example directory.

Contributing Guide

Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given. For more details see file: docs/contributing.rst


Django-konfera was designed for Bratislava Python Meetups as a workshop, where people are learning Django and will be user for PyCon SK 2017 organization.