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gri: gerrit command line interface
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gri : Gerrit Reduced Interface

gri¹ is a CLI tool that will list your open git reviews from multiple servers in a way that makes easier to to identify which one need.



  • multiple Gerrit servers
  • change number and topics are clickable links
  • draft/dnm/wip changes are grayed out


  • Configurable Gerrit servers
  • Sorting :: top ones should be those closer to be merged
  • Grouping
  • Caching
  • Dependency graph based on zuul Depends-On
  • Configurable query
  • Include starred changes
  • Zuul build status support
  • top mode :: so it can auto-refresh and notify you of important changes


pip install gri


Currently the tool loads gerrit servers defined in ~/.gertty.yaml but uses credentials from ~/.netrc file.

So use it just run gli, or python -m gri.


Are you missing a feature, just check if there is a bug open for it and add a new one if not. Once done, you are welcomed to make a PR that implements the missing change.

Related tools

  • git-review is the git extension for working with gerrit, where I am also one of the core contributors.
  • GerTTY is a very useful tui for gerrit which inspired me but which presents one essential design limitation: it does not work with multiple Gerrit servers.
  • Gerrit-View is a vscode plugin that can be installed from Visual Studio Marketplace.


  1. The reality is that gri name comes from my attempt to find a short namespace on pypi that was starting with g (from Gerrit) and preferably sounds like cli, most were taken. You are welcomed to propose better acronym expansions.
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