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Release Notes for pyrax

2016.08.22 - Version 1.9.8

  • Cloud Monitoring
    • Resolve TypeError #617

2016.01.19 - Version 1.9.7

  • General
    • Bump to 1.9.7 to handle pypi packing issue

2016.01.19 - Version 1.9.6

  • Cloud DNS

    • Ignore new Managed DNS offering
  • General

    • Pin python-novaclient to 2.27.0
    • Pin six and requests to not exceed the next semver major release
    • Update references for novaclient v1.1 to v2

2015.09.02 - Version 1.9.5

  • Cloud Servers
    • Handle a change to python-novaclient 2.27.0
    • Pin python-novaclient to less or equal to 2.27.0
    • Suppress deprecation warnings emitted for novaclient.v1_1

2015.04.16 - Version 1.9.4

  • Cloud CDN

    • Introduced the Cloud CDN service with support for listing flavors as well creating, updating, and deleting of services.
  • Identity

    • Make BaseIdentity respect verify_ssl # 515
    • Respect the _auth_endpoint attribute of the identity instance for Keystone identity #522
  • Cloud Monitoring

    • Add ability to create agent check types #508
    • Fix entity retrieval #512
    • Add support for monitoring agent tokens #525
  • Cloud Files

    • Update documentation #519
  • Cloud Databases

    • PEP8 Clean Up #507
  • Cloud Block Storage

    • Allow renaming volumes and snapshots #506
    • Do not hardcode CBS volume sizes #541
  • General

    • verify_ssl is now respected when creating a context #523
    • pep8 fix ups for recent pep8 1.6 changes #540
    • Replace support email address with contact page #546
    • Ensure we default verify_ssl to True in the default environment

2014.11.24 - Version 1.9.3

  • Identity

    • Catch an additional Exception during authentication for uncaught API side failures #500
  • Cloud Files

    • get_metadata methods should all support the prefix parameter #475
    • Resolve bulk delete regressions #480
    • Requests to delete all objects from a container, now properly lists all objects #480
    • Fix sync_folder_to_container pathing bug #498
  • Autoscale

    • get_launch_config returns all server values provided by the API #451
    • Add support for unsetting personality in a launch config #453
  • Cloud DNS

    • Resolve invalid attribute error with update_record #465
  • Cloud Block Storage

    • Support creating bootable volumes #463
  • Cloud Load Balancers

    • Fix documentation errors #486 #488
    • Fix metadata manipulation for nodes #499
  • Cloud Monitoring

    • Resolve invalid attribute error with CloudMonitorCheck.get #459
    • Call set_entity on all items feturned by CloudMonitorEntity.list_checks #459
    • Resolve invalid attribute error with entity related calls #501
  • Cloud Databases

    • Allow specification of datastore type and version when creating instances #493
    • Add marker and limit parameters to methods for listing database backups #497
  • General

    • Clarify Apache 2.0 License #471
    • Remove django slugify function and replace it with novaclient/oslo to_slug function, aliased to slugify for backwards compatibility #494
    • Remove unnecessary shebang lines from non-executable python files #494
    • General housekeeping to clean up the project #502 #471 #472 #474 #464
    • Run tests via tox #471

2014.08.20 - Version 1.9.2

  • Cloud Files

    • Fixed data corruption bug in _fetch_chunker. GitHub #449
  • General

    • Incorporated several Python3 compatibility enhancements from @jaraco GitHub #379 and #380

2014.08.18 - Version 1.9.1

  • General

    • Changed 'coerce_string_to_list()' to 'coerce_to_list()'.
  • Autoscale

    • Encode personality files. GitHub #447
    • Fixed exception when updating a launch config w/o metadata. GitHub #448
    • Add config_drive and user_data support to autoscale
    • Added flexibility to Cloud Networks get_server_networks() to be compatible with autoscale. GitHub #400
  • Cloud Files / Swift

    • Added 'prefix' and 'end_marker' to listing. GitHub #436
    • Added support for file-like objects when uploading. GitHub #442
    • Added missing chunk_size parameter. GitHub #439
    • Added summary to folder sync. GitHub #403
    • Fixed recursion issue with subdirs. GitHub #429
    • Fetching objects containing JSON returns actual content. GitHub #432
    • Fixed issue with class variables in BulkDeleter class. Thanks to Lars Butler for catching this. GitHub #392
  • Cloud Monitoring

    • Fixed pagination for monitoring. GitHub #433
  • Cloud DNS

    • Added the ability to mass edit records. GitHub #427

2014.07.14 - Version 1.9.0

  • Cloud Files / Swift

    • Removed dependency on python-swiftclient
    • Ensured that URIs are properly encoded and quoted.
    • Improved verbose output for sync_folder_to_container().
    • CDN-related attributes were sometimes not initialized correctly. GitHub #399 and #423
    • Fixed case where passing async=True to bulk_delete() was ignored. GitHub #398
  • General

    • Fixed case where envronment variables are improperly ignored.
    • Fixed missing 'connect' param in identity authenticate().
    • Added support for different auth_endpoint values when using Rackspace authentication.
  • Cloud Servers / Nova

    • Load extenstions already installed in the local novaclient. GitHub #425
    • Made sure that 'personality' files are properly base-64 encoded.
  • Cloud Images / Glance

    • Added the find_images_by_name() method to list images by case-insensitive partial name matches.
  • Autoscale

    • Updated update_launch_config(). The 'flavorRef' variable was being incorrectly set to None.
    • Fixed 400 error when not including a personality file value.
  • Cloud Networks

    • The networks client was not being returned in cases where novaclient had already been created, due to incorrect caching of clients. GitHub #406
  • Cloud Load Balancers

    • Made get_stats() call available from the LB. GitHub #394

###2014.06.04 - Version 1.8.2

  • General

    • Changed copyright notices to match the standard by Rackspace Legal.
    • Clear old api_key values when re-authenticating. GitHub #383
  • Cloud Files

    • Fixes issue with non-CDN containers. GitHub #254
    • Fixed the subdir listing for Cloud Files. GitHub #342
    • Added a method to fetch DLOs from object storage.
    • Added option for specifying headers. GitHub #374
  • Cloud Monitoring

    • Updated the code to use the pyrax.http module.
  • Cloud Networks

    • Added special handling for RAX networks. GitHub #381

###2014.05.13 - Version 1.8.1

  • General

    • Restored module-level regions and services attributes. GitHub #371
    • Improved error message when calling get_client when not authenticated. GitHub #369
  • Identity

    • Added the ability to request multiple clients. GitHub #370
    • Modified list_tenants() function to take an admin argument. GitHub #352
    • Fixed service catalog parsing. GitHub #361
  • Cloud Files

    • Added aliases to make Cloud Files method names more consistent. GitHub #373
    • Added missing limit/marker parameters. GitHub #349
    • Added code to check for CDN before making CDN calls.
    • Made the meta prefixes read-only. GitHub #365
    • Added 'prefix' parameter to get/set metadata commands. GitHub #367
    • Added chunking to put_object()
    • Fixed old cloudfiles reference. GitHub #362
    • Fixed unit tests for CDN changes.

###2014.05.06 - Version 1.8.0

  • Identity

    • Added Context Objects as a way to encapsulate an authenticated session.
    • Context objects remove the limitation in pyrax of only working with a single authenticated session at a time.
    • Improves the ability to work with multiple providers at once, or across multiple regions for the same provider.
    • More information in the document in the docs/ folder.
  • Cloud Files

    • Fixed missing URL quoting for bulk deletes. GitHub #350
    • Multiple improvements to sync_folder_to_container in GitHub #355:
      • Added the ability to specify a prefix to be added to the object name during checking and uploading during a sync
      • Sped up sync_folder_to_container by having it pull down a list of objects all at once to use to compare against instead of checking once for each file.
      • Added verbose logging to sync_folder_to_container (Originally requested in GitHub #250)
  • General

    • Fixed issue where one bad section in the configuration file caused threw an exception that terminated your app. GitHub #346
    • Removed the need to specify a tenant_id when authenticating with a token. GitHub #345
  • Block Storage

    • Added missing update methods to Cloud Block Storage.
  • Documentation

    • Updated the queues docs to include listing of queues. GitHub #353

###2014.04.07 - Version 1.7.3

  • Identity

    • Updated the identity module and tests to work with the new http library. GitHub #333
  • General

    • Fixed some log debug issues.
    • Removed locale test, as it is unreliable at best.
  • Cloud Files

    • Round up the datetime in seconds in convert_list_last_modified to match the behaviour in GitHub #337
    • Fixed ValueError when handling a bulk delete response. GitHub #335

###2014.03.30 - Version 1.7.2

  • General
    • Fixes a bug that doubly-encoded JSON body content. GitHub #333

###2014.03.28 - Version 1.7.1

  • General

    • Added a CONTRIBUTING.rst file, following the suggestion of @justinclift in GitHub #327.
    • Removed dependency on the httplib2 library; pyrax now only relies on the 'requests' module for HTTP communication.
    • Fixed a bug in folder size calculations. GitHub #302
    • Removed a limit that only handled Rackspace vendor extensions. GitHub #315
    • Updated the version requirements for the 'requests' and 'six' libraries. GitHub #314
    • Updated utility calls to reflect new names. GitHub #312
  • Documentation

    • Minor typo correction. GitHub #326
    • Updated docs for better region coverage. GitHub #324 and #316
    • Updated network limits in docs. GitHub #322
  • Images

    • Sample code for accepting images that were shared GitHub #318
  • Cloud Files

    • Fixed (yet again) the ability to turn on/off debug output after another change in the underlying swiftclient library. GitHub #317

###2014.03.12 - Version 1.7.0

  • New:
    • Added support for Cloud Images (Glance).
      • Import/export your compute images across different data centers, or even different providers.
      • Share your images with other accounts.
  • Queues:
    • Fixed limit bug for queue messages. GitHub #309
  • General
    • Many Python 3 compatibility improvements.
      • Not fully compatible yet, but getting closer.
    • Fixed config file pathing problem on Windows. GitHub #306
    • Fixed issue where non-401 exceptions were suppressed. GitHub #310

###2014.02.24 - Version 1.6.4

  • Cloud Block Storage:
    • Added support for volume cloning.
  • Cloud Files:
    • Added support for bulk deletes > 10K objects. GitHub #286
    • Fixed edge case with object size == max chunk size. GitHub #287
  • General:
    • Added support for identity modules outside of pyrax. GitHub #292
  • Testing:
    • Moved into pyrax module to enable easier testing from other projects. GitHub #288
  • Docs:
    • Fixed several typos. GitHub #296 & #296.
  • Autoscale:
    • Removed default of AUTO for diskConfig from Autoscale.

###2014.02.03 - Version 1.6.3

  • Cloud Monitoring:
    • Added back missing error info. GitHub #285
    • Added support for Overviews and Changelogs from Cloud Monitoring. GitHub #267
  • Autoscale:
    • Corrected how networks are created when none are specified. GitHub #262
    • Added load balancers to sample code for creating a scaling group.
    • Fixed bug in autoscale group creation. GitHub #249 and #203
  • Queues:
    • Removed default TTL when posting messages to a queue. GitHub #265
  • Cloud Files:
    • Add use_servicenet setting for Cloud Files. GitHub #273
    • Fixed bug in passing TTL to delete_in_seconds(). GitHub #281
    • Added a fix for GETting 0-byte content with Dynamic Large Objects (multipart files). GitHub #258
    • Include container name in X-Object-Manifest header when creating DLO. GitHub #261
    • Use X-Object-Manifest instead of X-Object-Meta-Manifest when creating DLO. GitHub #260
  • Cloud Load Balancers:
    • Added httpsRedirect param for Cloud Load Balancers. GitHub #277
    • Adding an entry for the id attribute to the Node's to_dict() method. GitHub #276
  • Cloud DNS:
    • Handle empty bodies in GET responses from the Cloud DNS API. GitHub #280
  • Cloud Servers:
    • Updated docs and samples to eliminate old flavor references.
  • General:
    • Add requests as installation requirement. GitHub #269

###2013.11.13 - Version 1.6.2

  • Cloud Databases:
    • Added missing 'host' parameter. GitHub #246
  • Cloud Queues:
    • Removed requirement for Client ID for non-message requests. GitHub #244
    • Added support for ServiceNet queues. GitHub #240
    • Added the claim_id parameter to message deletion calls. GitHub #243
    • Fixed a bug when parsing message and claim IDs.
    • Made several corrections in the docs. - Cloud DNS:
    • Added handling for an occasional empty body when polling a running request. GitHub #237
  • General:
    • Added support for Python Wheel distribution
    • Fixed missing file spec in
    • Removed unneeded files

###2013.10.31 - Version 1.6.1

  • Cloud Databases:
    • Added support for Backups. GitHub #216
    • Added ability to specify 'host' parameter for users. GitHub #229
    • Added ability to update users.
  • Queues:
    • Removed default TTL for messages. GitHub #234
  • Cloud Files:
    • Fixed large file upload bug. GitHub #231
    • Fixed file naming bug. GitHub #232

###2013.10.24 - Version 1.6.0

  • New:
    • Added support for Cloud Queues (Marconi).
  • Cloud Files:
    • Fixed an issue where the last_modified datetime values for Cloud Files storage_objects were returned inconsistently.
    • Added ability to cache temp_url_key. GitHub #221
    • Added ability to do partial downloads. GitHub #150
    • Fixed an issue where calling delete_object_in_seconds() deleted existing metadata. GitHub #135
  • Cloud Databases:
    • Added missing pagination parameters to several methods. GitHub #226
  • Cloud DNS:
    • Changed the findall() method to be case-insensitive.
    • Fixed some error-handling issues. GitHub #219
  • Auto Scale:
    • Added code to force 'flavor' arguments to str type.
    • Fixed creation/retrieval of webhooks with policy ID.
    • Added several replacement methods for configurations.
  • Load Balancers:
    • Removed requirement that nodes be passed when creating a load balancer. GitHub #222
  • Testing:
    • Improved the integrated test script by adding more services.
    • Fixed the smoketest to work when running in multiple regions that don't all offer the same services.
  • General:
    • Refactored the _create_body() method from the BaseClient class to the BaseManager class.

###2013.10.04 - Version 1.5.1

  • Pyrax in general:
    • Moved the get_limits() behavior to the base client (Nate House)
    • Added ability to call a full URL from the client.
    • Added HEAD methods to base client and manager classes.
    • Removed unused imports. GitHub #189
    • Improved handling of 400 errors in identity.create_user()
    • Fixed issue with password auth failing with Rackspace identity. GitHub #190
    • Added utility method for RFC 2822-compliant dates.
    • Refactored the _create_body() method into the BaseManager class.
    • Improved handling of default regions in the service catalog.
    • Added support for different auth endpoints for Rackspace auth.
    • Added files to allow creating RPMs. (Greg Swift)
  • Cloud Files:
    • Added the bulk_delete() method.
    • Added support for "bare" metadata keys. GitHub #164
    • Added cache override capability. GitHub #191
    • Added copy/move methods to Container and StorageObject classes. GitHub #192
    • Added listing of pseudo-subdirectories. GitHub #174
    • Added the list() method to generate a list of container objects. GitHub #186
  • Autoscale improvements, thanks to Christopher Armstrong:
    • Added additional arguments for launch configurations. GitHub #207, #209, #212
    • Added support for group metadata. GitHub #202
    • Added suppport for desired_capacity in policies. GitHub #208
    • Added args to expand capabilities in webhook policy updates. GitHub #204, #205
  • Monitoring:
    • Workaround the odd requirement to use millisecond timestamps in get_metric_data_points() GitHub #176
    • Unix timestamps are now supported in addition to Python date/datetimes.
  • Load Balancers:
    • Fixed VirtualIP to_dict() method to use the ID if available. (Vaibhav)
    • Add node type to the dict passed to the API (Troy C)
  • DNS:
    • Domains can now be specified by name, not just ID. GitHub #180

###2013.09.04 - Version 1.5.0

  • Added support for the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring service
  • Added support for the Rackspace Autoscale service
  • Fixed an issue where parameters to the manger.create() method were passed incorrectly.

###2013.08.21 - Version 1.4.11

  • Fixed issue #161: different locales caused date parsing error.
  • Fixed issue #166: passwords with non-ASCII characters were causing parsing errors.
  • Added setting identity_type to the sample code. GitHub #169.
  • Fixed the way that default regions are handled. GitHub #165.
  • Changed the example code to use only ASCII characters for server names. GitHub #162.
  • Changed container.get_object() to use the more efficient method in the client. GitHub #160.
  • Fixed broken internal link. GitHub #159.

###2013.08.06 - Version 1.4.10

  • Fixed a performance issue when GETting a single object. GitHub #156.
  • Fixed an issue with error response parsing. GitHub #151.
  • Fixed trailing slash bug in identity. GitHub #154.
  • Fixed a bug noticed in #69 in which the parameters to the swiftclient connection object were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug in download_object() that would throw an exception if the target directory already exists. GitHub #148.
  • Added ability to specify content length when uploading an object to swift. GitHub #146.

###2013.07.23 - Version 1.4.9

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the last release that prevented progressive fetching of objects. GitHub #139
  • Fixed an issue where the verify_ssl setting was not being passed to the Identity instance. GitHub #140
  • Added support for returning extra info about API calls to Swift. This includes info on the status, reason, and header information for the call. GitHub #138

###2013.07.19 - Version 1.4.8

  • Added a hack to work around an apparent bug in python-swiftclient that was preventing automatic re-authentication after a token expired. This affects issues #111, #115, #117, and possibly others.
  • Fixed Issue #131 that caused an exception when uploading a binary file.
  • Fixed Issue #134: uploading file-like objects
  • Fixed auth_with_token() to return the full service catalog. Issue #128.
  • Improved the checksum process to be more memory efficient with very large files. Issue #122.

###2013.06.28 - Version 1.4.7

  • Added the update() method to modify existing load balancers.
  • The fetch_object() method was not raising the correct exception when the requested object/container combination does not exist.
  • Added support for downloading objects in nested folders. GitHub #104.
  • Fixed an issue (#110) that was causing the purge from CDN command to fail.
  • Added support for bypassing SSL certificate verification with cloud servers, based on PR #96.
  • Improved unit test coverage for several modules.
  • Add eq and ne to the Node class in cloud load balancers.
  • Updated the installation guide with identity_type setting. Issue #105.
  • Fixed bug where tenant_id was ignored if passed to set_credentials().
  • Added return_none option to cloud files store_object() method.

###2013.06.13 - Version 1.4.6

  • Added the ability to authenticate with an existing token.
  • Fixed an issue where the default environment was not properly set. Issue #87.
  • Modified tests so that they work with PyPy.
  • Added better explanation of pyrax's ability to automatically re-authenticate when a token expires. Issue #93.
  • Fixed a bug resulting from overly-aggressive URL quoting.
  • Removed the 'default_identity_type' definition in pyrax/, as it is no longer needed. Issue #95.

###2013.06.05 - Version 1.4.5

  • Fixed a bug that prevented region from being properly set. Issue #86.

###2013.06.04 - Version 1.4.4

  • Fixed a bug when using environment variables to set the identity_type. Issue #82.

###2013.06.03 - Version 1.4.3

  • Added support for having objects automatically deleted from Cloud Files after a period of time.

###2013.05.30 - Version 1.4.2

  • Fixed several bugs related to the identity and config file changes.

###2013.05.30 - Version 1.4.1

  • Added support for new Cloud Database user APIs.
  • Fixed a bug in which an exception class was not defined (#77)

###2013.05.29 - Version 1.4.0

  • Added support for all OpenStack clouds. Previous versions only supported Rackspace authentication methods.
  • Configuration files now support multiple cloud environments in the same file. You can switch between environments by calling pyrax.set_environment("env"), where env is the name of the desired environment.
  • Configuration settings can now be stored in environment variables. These all begin with CLOUD_; a full list can be found in the main pyrax documentation.
  • Available regions are now available in the pyrax.regions attribute after authentication.
  • Services that are available for the current cloud provider are now available in the attribute.
  • Fixed an issue in Cloud Databases in which the volume attribute was sometimes a dict and sometimes an instance of CloudDatabaseVolume. Now it will always be an instance.
  • Added a smoke test script to the integrated tests. It currently covers the compute, networking, database, and object_store services.
  • Removed unnecessary hack for compute URIs.
  • Cleaned up some naming and formatting inconsistencies.

###2013.05.10 - Version 1.3.9

  • This fixes two issues: #63 and #67. The first fixes an incorrect path in the cloudfiles get_temp_url() function; the second adds the ability to specify the content_encoding for an object in cloudfiles.

###2013.04.29 - Version 1.3.8

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Cloud Servers code from running properly in the UK.

###2013.04.26 - Version 1.3.7

  • Removed a lot of the duplicated identity code from the main client class. This is in anticipation of a major re-working of identity that will work with non-Rackspace OpenStack deployments.
  • Added methods to Cloud Load Balancer code to make it easier to get individual device usages and links.
  • Added a customizable delay period for Cloud DNS.
  • Changed the default behavior of utils.wait_until() to wait forever for the desired state to be reached. Previous default was 10 attempts, and it seemed that over 90% of use cases required waiting indefinitely, so the default was changed.
  • Cleaned up some of the documentation style.

###2013.04.03 - Version 1.3.6

  • Fixed the auth issues with python-novaclient introduced in the most recent release of that library. Thanks to Matt Martz for this fix.

###2013.03.27 - Version 1.3.5

  • Updated the Cloud Databases code to work with recent API changes.
  • Updated HACKING doc to include specific PEP8 exclusions.
  • Cleaned up the code in the tests/ and samples/ directories for PEP8.
  • Changed all uses of file() to open().
  • Added tox support.

###2013.03.26 - Version 1.3.4

  • Fixed an ImportError in Cloud DNS. Thanks to Matt Martz for finding this.
  • Minor improvements to the integration.

###2013.03.21 - Version 1.3.3

  • Added support for creating Temporary URLs for Cloud Files.
  • Added set_account_metadata() for Cloud Files.
  • Added shortcuts to the Cloud Servers client to make it more consistent with the rest of pyrax. E.g.: cs.images.list() -> cs.list_images()
  • Added change_content_type() to the StorageObject class in Cloud Files.
  • Cleaned up the repr for some classes.
  • Added more customization to the output for utils.wait_until()
  • Cleaned up the markdown formatting in
  • Added travis-ci integration.

###2013.03.06 - Version 1.3.2

  • Removed lazy loading of Database Volumes. GitHub #8.
  • Fixed the inconsistent naming of the cloud databases module.
  • Removed mixed line endings from the docs that my markdown editor inserted.
  • Added the find_record() method to Cloud DNS to return a single domain record. GitHub #24.
  • Added the test dependency for the 'mock' package to

###2013.03.04 - Version 1.3.1

  • The merge for 1.3.0 did not grab the newly-created files for that version. They are included in this version.

###2013.03.04 - Version 1.3.0

  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Networks.
  • Modified attach/detach of CBS volumes so that they both raise exceptions on failure, and return None otherwise. GitHub #22
  • Fixed bug in block storage that could connect to incorrect datacenter. Github #19
  • Added the option of running utils.wait_until() in a background thread.
  • Added the HACKING file to help people contribute to pyrax.
  • Merged pull request #21 from simonz05: fix name error: global name self does not exist.

###2013.02.18 - Version 1.2.8

  • Fixed a bug that created multiple debugging loggers.
  • Refactored the utils script to use the match_pattern() method.

###2013.02.15 - Version 1.2.7

  • Code formatting cleanup. No logical changes or additional functionality included.
  • Added httplib2 requirement, now that novaclient no longer installs it. Taken from pull request #18 from Dustin Farris.
  • Merge pull request #13 from adregner/container-ints: container stats should be integers
  • Modified the upload_file() process to not return an object reference when not needed. GitHub issue #11.

###2013.02.05 - Version 1.2.6

  • Added the sync_folder_to_container() method to cloudfiles to make it easier to keep a copy of a local folder synced to the cloud.
  • Removed the lazy load of volume info for cloud databases. Changed the 'volume' attribute to be an object to allow for dot notation access to its values.
  • Eliminated as many places as possible where use of non-ASCII characters caused encoding issues. Added a configuration option to allow users to specify their preferred encoding; default=utf-8.
  • Fixed a bug in the get_object_names() method of the Cloud Files container class.

###2013.01.26 - Version 1.2.5

  • Fixed an issue preventing existing node objects being created if in 'DRAINING' condition (GitHub #6). Modified the rax_identity to accept UTC dates returned from the LON datacenter (GitHub #5). Fixed an issue that prevented HTTP debugging from turning off in swiftclient.

###2013.01.15 - Version 1.2.4

  • Added support for keychain storage of credentials for authentication.

###2013.01.10 - Version 1.2.3

  • Added the 'halfClosed' parameter to the create() method of load balancers.

###2013.01.03 - Version 1.2.2

  • Fixed an issue that was causing calls to cloudservers to needlessly re-authenticate.

###2012.12.27 - Version 1.2.1

  • Removed old class docs that were no longer needed in this release.

###2012.12.26 - Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for Cloud DNS.
  • Removed the 'beta' designation.

###2012.12.26 - Version 1.1.7b

  • Updated to use setuptools.
  • Fixed a problem with circular imports of the version info.
  • Added a requirement for python-novaclient>=2.10.0.

###2012.12.18 - Version 1.1.6b

  • Removed the code that controlled when pyrax connected to services.
  • Changed the User-agent format to match the other SDKs.

###2012.12.17 - Version 1.1.5b

  • Enhanced the ability to debug HTTP traffic.
  • Fixed a bug in object naming when uploading an entire folder in Cloud Files.

###2012.12.13 - Version 1.1.4b

  • Added the ability to connect to the internal URL for Cloud Files.
  • Added limit and marker to the base client/manager classes.
  • Added the cloudfiles Container and StorageObject classes to the pyrax namespace.

###2012.12.10 - Version 1.1.2b

  • Added a test that was missing in the previous release.

###2012.12.07 - Version 1.1.1b

  • Added the ability for developers to customize the User-agent string for their applications.

###2012.11.26 - Version 1.1.1b

  • Added Cloud Block Storage support.
  • Added the refactored code for Cloud Load Balancers that removes the dependency on the python-cloudlb library.

###2012.11.24 - Version 1.0.4b

  • Maintenance fix release.


  • Improved the handling of CDN calls so they don't fail as often, and are more resilient when they do.


  • Release of the initial beta for pyrax. Supports Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and Cloud Load Balancers.