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Flake8: Your Tool For Style Guide Enforcement



To install |Flake8|, open an interactive shell and run:

python<version> -m pip install flake8

If you want |Flake8| to be installed for your default Python installation, you can instead use:

python -m pip install flake8


It is very important to install |Flake8| on the correct version of Python for your needs. If you want |Flake8| to properly parse new language features in Python 3.5 (for example), you need it to be installed on 3.5 for |Flake8| to understand those features. In many ways, Flake8 is tied to the version of Python on which it runs.

Using Flake8

To start using |Flake8|, open an interactive shell and run:

flake8 path/to/code/to/
# or
flake8 path/to/code/


If you have installed |Flake8| on a particular version of Python (or on several versions), it may be best to instead run python<version> -m flake8.

If you only want to see the instances of a specific warning or error, you can select that error like so:

flake8 --select E123,W503 path/to/code/

Alternatively, if you want to add a specific warning or error to ignore:

flake8 --extend-ignore E203,W234 path/to/code/

Please read our user guide for more information about how to use and configure |Flake8|.

FAQ and Glossary

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User Guide

All users of |Flake8| should read this portion of the documentation. This provides examples and documentation around |Flake8|'s assortment of options and how to specify them on the command-line or in configuration files.

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Plugin Developer Guide

If you're maintaining a plugin for |Flake8| or creating a new one, you should read this section of the documentation. It explains how you can write your plugins and distribute them to others.

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Contributor Guide

If you are reading |Flake8|'s source code for fun or looking to contribute, you should read this portion of the documentation. This is a mix of documenting the internal-only interfaces |Flake8| and documenting reasoning for Flake8's design.

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Release Notes and History

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