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An Introduction to the PyCQA

"PyCQA" is an abbreviated name for "Python Code Quality Authority".

The PyCQA is not actually an authority on anything. (See also :ref:`formation`.)

What is the PyCQA?

The PyCQA is a loose organization of people who maintain projects in roughly the same domain: automatic style and quality reporting. Almost all of these projects are widely used by the larger Python community (and by each other) to enforce style guidelines and maintain some modicum of consistency within a code base. The organization formed around these people to provide them an easy to remember namespace for their projects.

Who is part of the PyCQA?

The projects housed under the PyCQA are all presently maintained by the following people:

Where does the PyCQA live?

As you may have noticed, we have a GitHub organization and a GitLab group. The PyCQA likes to respect all individual project decisions about where development primarily takes place. If your project lives on either of these two services, you're welcome to share our organizational structures.

You might also notice, now that you've seen both our GitHub organization and GitLab group that we mirror repositories between the sites. If your project lives within the PyCQA and you'd like a mirror made (on the other service), let us know and we'll be happy to set that up for you.

How can I add my project to the PyCQA?

If your project is related to code style or quality reporting, your project is welcome. All we ask is that you send an email to the code-quality mailing list with your request to join. In all likelihood one of the organization owners will respond to you and help you set everything up to move your project into the organization.