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RedBaron is a python library and tool powerful enough to be used into IPython solely that intent to make the process of writing code that modify source code as easy and as simple as possible. That include writing custom refactoring, generic refactoring, tools, IDE or directly modifying you source code into IPython with a higher and more powerful abstraction than the advanced texts modification tools that you find in advanced text editors and IDE.

RedBaron guaranteed you that it will only modify your code where you ask him to. To achieve this, it is based on Baron a lossless AST for Python that guarantees the operation ast_to_code(code_to_ast(source_code)) == source_code. (Baron's AST is called an FST, a Full Syntax Tree).

RedBaron API and feel is heavily inspired by BeautifulSoup. It tries to be simple and intuitive and that once you've get the basics principles, you are good without reading the doc for 80% of your operations.

For now, RedBaron can be considered in alpha, the core is quite stable but it is not battle tested yet and is still a bit rough. Feedback and contribution are very welcome.

The public documented API on the other side is guaranteed to be retro-compatible and won't break until 2.0 (if breaking is needed at that point). There might be the only exception that if you directly call specific nodes constructors with FST that this API change, but this is not documented and simply horribly unpracticable, so I'm expecting no one to do that.

Disclaimer: RedBaron (and baron) is working with python3 but it is NOT fully parsing it yet.


pip install redbaron[pygments]

Or if you don't want to have syntax highlight in your shell or don't need it:

pip install redbaron

Running tests

pip install pytest
py.test tests


You can reach us on or

Code of Conduct

As a member of PyCQA, RedBaron follows its Code of Conduct.


RedBaron is fully documented, be sure to check the tutorial and documentation.