Scientific analysis of nanoscale materials imaging data
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pycroscopy is a python package for image processing and scientific analysis of imaging modalities such as multi-frequency scanning probe microscopy, scanning tunneling spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. pycroscopy uses a data-centric model wherein the raw data collected from the microscope, results from analysis and processing routines are all written to standardized hierarchical data format (HDF5) files for traceability, reproducibility, and provenance.

Please visit our homepage for more information and installation instructions.

If you use pycroscopy for research, we would appreciate if you could cite us as:

Somnath, Suhas, Chris R. Smith, Nouamane Laanait, and Stephen Jesse. Pycroscopy. Computer software. Vers. 0.60.0. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 01 June 2016. Web. <>.