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Better multithreading support #6

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Example at will print out "Cached method called 10 times" where ideally it would only be called once.

I'd suggest documenting this fact or doing something about it :)


I've confirmed this with both Python 3.3 and Python 2.7. My modified code, done so it works in both major implementations of Python AND displays that the result of Test.val is 15:

"""Cached property multithreading test."""
from threading import Lock, Thread
from time import sleep
from cached_property import cached_property


class Test(object):
    def __init__(self, val):
        self._val = val

    def val(self):
        """Val getter."""
        global COUNT_LOCK, COUNT
        with COUNT_LOCK:
            COUNT = COUNT + 1
        self._val += 1
        return self._val

t = Test(5)
threads = []
for _ in range(NUM_THREADS):
    thread = Thread(target=lambda: t.val)

for th in threads:

msg = "Cached method called {} times".format(COUNT)
@pydanny pydanny added bug enhancement and removed bug labels

Please see the test case of

The test is currently commented out because currently it fails. Instead of c.add_cached returning 1 during the test, it returns 1.


Just using a threading.Lock inside cached_property.get would work and impose a very slight performance dip in a non-threaded scenario, since in a non-threaded scenario that method would be called once before shadowing itself in obj.dict, and the lock would not be contended. I could put something like this together in a pull request.

Another thing to keep in mind is asyncio (i.e. pep 3156). Ideally the cached_property decorator would transparently work in the async context as well. I don't actually know how to make it 'just work' in both contexts (threading and async) automatically, though.

Maybe offer specialized versions of the decorator for different circumstances? Or not worry about thread/coroutine safety at all, document it and let the users deal with locking themselves.


@Tinche A pull request would be awesome. My shameful secret is that my experience with working with threads is limited. My experience with locking them is non-existent. I would love to see how you implement this, as it would kickstart my knowledge of them.

As for implementation, I think a second decorator, possibly called threaded_cached_property is the way to go. That way we can keep the standard approach small and easily tested. Eventually, as threaded_cached_property becomes more battle tested, we might just alias cached_property to it.

asyncio is great idea. I've opened #7 for work on it.


Here's a pull request with a thread-safe version: #9

I have to admit my concurrency experience is substantial but largely related to the JVM, so while I'm pretty sure my implementation is sound there might be a more efficient/elegant way of implementing the same idea in Python I'm not aware of.

I'm open for any questions or comments of course :)


Looks good to me! Delivered in the 0.1.5 release. Thanks!

Closed by #9

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