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An eggified model based BSD licensed social booking app for Django
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Django Social Bookmarking

A common use case in building applications is to provide links to social networking services. There are other Django apps that do this already, but they suffer from having the links stored statically and/or have licenses we can't use effectively in a US Federal government environment.

This solution provides the following:

  • A MIT license.
  • Target social bookmarking sites stored in a model
  • Admin tools
  • A fixture of 14 target sites
  • Icons for each of those target sites and many more
  • A test application to confirm that the basic view works
  • Eggification for easy installation and control


Install into your Python path. Tag coming soon for easy pip/easy_install.

Add 'social_bookmarking' to your INSTALLED_APPS in


If you have not yet done so, add 'django.core.context_processors.request' to the TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS in your file:


Synch the database:

./ syncdb

Load the fixtures:

./ loaddata <location-of-django-social-bookmarking>/social_bookmarking/fixtures/bookmarks.json

Depending on your setup, you may need to copy the media files to your local media folder:

cp -R <location-of-django-social-bookmarking>/social_bookmarking/media/social_bookmarking <my-project>/media/


At the top of your page:

{% load social_bookmarking_tags %}

{% show_bookmarks object.title 'full-http-path-to-object' object.description %}

-- or --

{% show_bookmarks object.title object object.description %}

Note: The object.description field is optional.


Django Social Bookmarking is designed to be easily customizable.

Skin Customizations

The most frequent customization will be on how links are displayed. Create a directory called social_bookmarking in your project's template directory. Then copy the HTML file social_bookmarking/templates/social_bookmarking/links.html to this project directory.

CSS customizations

The following classes and IDS are attached to the skin:
    span.bookmark #bookmark.title|slugify

Other classes and IDs will be assigned as requested by competent CSS designers.


  • Add more social networking sites
  • Validation existing social networking sites. Sounds like a test to me!
  • Full suite of tests against each site stored in the fixture.
  • Maybe some caching stuff?

Other Django Social Bookmarking applications

Django Social Bookmarking is a very rough fork of these two applications.

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