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For 0.9.0
* Fixed a bug in `|with_class` filter so that it supports `show_hidden_initial`, see #GH-95 to not break.
* Fixed a problem on Fieldset's legends internationalization. Thanks to Bojan Mihelac, see #GH-90.
* Fixed XSS bug thanks to Charlie Denton, see #GH-98. Errors cannot be rendered safe, because field's input can be part of the error message, that would mean XSS.
* Updating and improving docs, adding more use case examples.
* Split `` file into ``, `` and ``. Added a deprecation warning.
* Improved testing coverage, specially for formsets and i18n.
* Improved rendering performance of `{% uni_form %}` tag and `|as_uni_form` filter avoiding reloading templates every time, see #GH-81.
* Added support for Django `Form.error_css_class` and `Form.required_css_class` custom CSS classes, see #GH-87.
* Moved template code in Layout objects into separate files in `uni_form/layout` directory. Layout objects templates can now be easily overriden, see #GH-37.
* `form_style` can now be used without having to set a helper Layout, see #GH-85.
* `form_action` is not lowered anymore and `form_action` is set to "" by default instead of "." thanks to Jianbo Guo, see #GH-84.
* `Multifield` field template `multifield.html` markup fixed, adding `help_text` support and removing `labelclass` from labels.
* Fixed testing suite, when run not using `DjangoTestSuiteRunner` provided, thanks to Narsil #GH-82.
* Removed test_project from the project.
* Improved `MultiField` performance avoiding instantiating BoundFields twice.
* Fixed a bug in `MultiField` that raised an exception when internal fields had errors, because of `self.css` not existing.
* Added an extra optional parameter to `render_field` called `layout_object`, used for storing in it a list of bound fields.
* Refactor all Layout objects to use templates and not having hardcoded HTML in the code, based on Jonas Obrist work. Resolves Issue #GH-37
* Added a Layout object called `Div`. `Row` and `Column` both inherit from `Div`
* `Layout` can now be a child of `Layout`, see issue #GH-76.
For 0.8.0
You can read on how to use new features included in this version at:
* Elevated Miguel Araujo to project lead!
* Added a forloop simulator for formset forms rendering.
* `ButtonHolder` Layout object added for holding `HTML` and buttons: `Submit`, `Reset`, `Button`.
* Turned BaseInput inherited objects like: `Submit`, `Reset`, `Hidden` and `Button` into Layout objects.
* Fixed a bug with `rendered_fields` when no fields where in the Layout.
* `Fieldset` legends are now templates full context aware.
* Based on @issackelly's and @johnthedebs's work a template called `betterform` has been added for supporting @carljm's form-utils BetterForms.
* `FormHelper` method `get_attr` has been renamed to `get_attributes`
* `uni_form_tags` has been split into two different files: `uni_form_tags` and `uni_form_filters`.
* Removing i18n tags from the templates, as they are not necessary anymore.
* Removed all the internationalized hardcoded text, in favor of template variables: `form_error_title` and `formset_error_title`, both can be set as helper's attributes.
* `as_uni_errors` filter can now render formset's `non_form_errors` uni-form way.
* Moved `{% uni_form_setup %}` tag to use STATIC_URL instead of MEDIA_URL
* Added the possibility to specify a helper for formsets too.
* Renamed media directory to static, to be compatible with Django 1.3 staticfiles.
* Added a `form_style` FormHelper attribute for setting global style of a form: inline or default.
* Turning `HTML` into a full context aware django template field, having access to the whole context of the template in which the form is rendered.
* Turning `Layout` and `Fieldset` fields attributes into lists, so that they can be changed dynamically.
* Changing formHints from paragraphs to divs, so ul or ol can be placed within.
* Removing slugify filter from form ids, so they can be set as user's preferences.
* Added CSS class 'asteriskField' for asterisks. Added CSS class 'fieldRequired' for required input labels.
* `UNIFORM_FAIL_SILENTLY` variable setting has been added for making django-uni-form log errors and fail silently, based on Adam Cupiał's work.
* Several bug fixes in `MultiField`.
* Added unicode support for layout field names and improved error handling.
* Refactored testing system and raised testing coverage.
* Clean part of the code base and comments. All old CSRF code for supporting old versions of Django has been removed.
* Refactored BasicNode for better readability and reducing lines of code.
* Added formsets support based on Victor Nagy's (nagyv) and Antti Kaihola's (akahiola) work.
* Bug fix in `{% uni_form %}` tag that didn't work without a helper and it was meant to be optional.
* CSS classes can be set in Submit buttons.
* Thanks to J. Javier Maestro (jjmaestro) now we can set ids and classes for `Fieldset`, `MultiField`, `Row` and `Column`.
* Thanks to Richard Marko (sorki) changed CSS class of PasswordInput widget.
* Removing `Toggle` class as it wasn't being used anywhere.
* Moved `BaseInput` to helpers and removed `` file.
* Removed `{% uni_form_jquery %}` tag
* Removed `namify` function from tags, as It wasn't being used anywhere.
* Improved internal documentation
* form methods generated by FormHelper are in lowercase (
* Thanks to Nagy Viktor added form_tag attribute to FormHelper. Now you can use the uni_form tag without the leading and trailing form tags.
* Thanks for Alison Rowland for giving django-uni-form sphinx docs
* Incorporated uni-form 1.4 by Dragan Babic
* Provide better adherence to uni-form specification of error messages
* mirumee provided some great work for making FormHelper more subclassable.
* django-uni-form 0.8 and higher lays out the HTML for the uni_form tag differently. The errorMsg div is now outside the fieldset as it should be.
* Thanks to Casper S. Jensen django-uni-form now supports 1.2 style csrf_token.
* csrf_token does not break earlier versions of Django. This will change when no version of django does not support csrf_token.
* Thanks to j0hnsmith changed {{ error }} to {{ error|safe }} so that html (eg links) can be added to error messages.
* Thanks to j0hnsmith changed {{ field.label }} to {{ field.label|safe }} so that html (eg links) can be added to field labels
* Kudos to Stepan Rakhimov fixed an admin datetime issue.
* Thanks to patrys (Patryk Zawadzki) FormHelper class is now easily subclass-able.
* Sorki (Richard Marko) made it so things work better in direct_to_template.
For 0.7.0
* Removed a <hr /> from the layout module.
* Changed templatetags/ to templatetags/ Yes, this breaks backwards compatibility but fixes a namespace problems in Django with naming a templatetag library after the parent application.
* Changed form_action attribute to accept not just named URLs but also any old URL.
* Added in uni_form_setup tag.
* Added tests
* Added several new contributors including Dragan Babic
* Added Danish language translation
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