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The Anti-Zen of Python
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After many laborious hours, I successfully managed to add some additional tests to this most upstanding of repositories (which is, of course, run by most outstanding people). These very minor improvements I have made are of critical importance to enterprise deployment (as in companies, not Star Trek). This can easily be seen by the fact that nearly all enterprise code (as in companies, not Star Trek) contains floating point numbers, and to support this, we now test that some floating point arithmetic works correctly. All other changes made have been agile-ly tested by code driven development, following the extreme hacking methodology: TDD is overrated and only used by hipsters, so it clearly has no place in the enterprise (as in companies, not Star Trek). Hey hey, I heard they discovered the Higgs Boson with a significance of 4.9 sigma, and this commit contains another sigma for 6 sigma (taking into account, of course, floating point inacuracies).


THAT - the Python anti-zen

Warning: This is a joke. Don't use these bits unless you want to be hated.



Official Fypeface

In honor of the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, and my own personal preferences, the official typeface of this project is Comic Sans.


Installing from PyPI:

pip install that

Or if you want to try and play with the awesome source code:

git clone


From the Python shell:

import that

Enjoy the wisdom!


Clearly, the code that generates THAT is too straightforward. If you can make it better, then do so. Just don't do anything like add tests or document the code.

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